Friday, April 29, 2011

Shopping for the month APR 2011

I tried to refrain but I reduced the US$200+ F21 shopping to a mere US$60!
A way to convince myself that 'aahhh' it is a small small F21 shopping spree!
I still have alot of pieces in my wishlist to last me for the next 2months!
And how can I not get a few pieces from when there is a 20% discount with free shipping!
That is all for the month of April!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fried Wonton with Mee Pok!

Our dinner tonight!
My hubs loves mee pok ...

I have to stand in the kitchen for 1 hour for the preparation; Chopping the chestnut and shitake mushroom, mixing the minced meat, and wrapping the wantons one by one!
Wanton : Minced Pork, Chopped Shitake Mushroom, Canned diced Chestnut.
Marinate : Soy sauce, oyster sauce, five spice powder, pepper, sugar and salt.
In Singapore, the process would be;
1) Go to store ORDER
2) Wait for order to come and pay!
3) Eat
4) Smack smack buttock and leave!
Paying SG$3.00 for a bowl is consider CHEAP, because to do this at home you need to spend at least an hour to finish the whole process which does not include the washing! But then if you prepare at home, you can 'adjust' the taste accordingly and of course the ingredients are all FRESH and REAL!

And the end process are all worth it when Hubs say,'GOOD!'

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gyoza with Braised Mushroom Pork Mee pok!

I was having very bad hives allergy for the past 2 weeks that why I didn't cook/bake much because the itch everywhere is KILLING me! I was taking anti-histamines so regularly that most days I was very drowsy and was resting and sleeping alot! But thank god it is recovering slowly ...

And now that I am finally getting better, I finally step into the kitchen ...
Hubs finally have a proper home cooked meal!

Nothing beats Home cooked food!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Day 2011

How did you celebrate your Easter day?
We are out catching Easter doggies at Lee Park for a Easter Day Pooch Parade Party!
I had to hold TOto tight tight incase he got dognapped by Easter bunnies!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Bliss is?

What does 'Bliss' means to you?
To me ...
Hubs is happy!
I am happy ...
And of course the happiest would always be TOto!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Chicken Curry with Prata!

After the Steak Dinner, Hubs went back to office to do OT. I took this opportunity to prepare CURRY CHICKEN! Ever since Hubs wants to eat healthy I stop peparing food like such! But it is so easy and we can have so many meals out of this ONE POT of curry chicken!

Our Sunday Breakfast!
Really feels like HOME ...
For my Hubs, I even perfected the 'Elusive' Plaster Prata!
The perfect Plaster; egg yolk has to be 'Runny' and uncook but the exterior has to be crispy!
How sinful!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Steak again

This is so easy to prepare and cheap!
Hubs says the Fresh steak here are so cheap, we have to try EVERY PART of the cow, hahahaha!
Marinate, and grilled! Everything within 20minutes, we can sit down and eat happily!

I am still waiting for the Fillet Mignon ...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Texas raining ice pellets!

Some areas have hails rain, as huge as GOLF balls; windows are smashed, cars dented and the 'attacked' sounds like the house are being FIRED by machine gun! It was an interesting experience, I wanted to video the experience but was 'SHOT' by the pellets 'Ouch'! Hahahaha ~

So I can only show you pictures!
Alot of thunder and lightning that night, and TOto hate them!
TOto will curl up tightly close to Hubs for comfort and safety!

Sephora Order 2011; Liner and a Palette.

My order from came, a bareMinerals Big & Bright Eyeliner in Charcoal and a Eye shadow Palette from Smashbox; Iconic Eyes Eye Palette.

My eyes are so sensitive recently I was thinking of getting a 'All Natural' eye liner. bareMinerals Big & Bright Eyeliner are without
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrance
- Synthetic Dye
- Petro-Chemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan
Hopefully these 'withouts' help with my itchy sensitive eyes!
I got the liner in 'Charcoal' and kinda of regretting it because it is not 'Dark' enough but then again, it looks kinda of more natural for a 'DAY' look! Not as intense ...
I used the liner as a based for the 'Blue' shadow ...
There are 'Free Shipping' coupon floating around, search for it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take Out BBQ from First Chinese BBQ

We are so lucky that there are some good Hong Kong Cuisine Restaurant near us! And most of them have quite a HIGH standard of the BBQ Duck, roast pork and Char Siew especially; First Chinese BBQ! I love their BBQ Crispy Pork  Belly too! Hubs commented that their BBQ are even better than the ones in Hong Kong or Singapore!

111 S. Greenville Ave  Richardson, TX 75081  (972) 680-8216

This few days the weather is very warm and body is not adjusting well, so we can do TAKE OUT!

This is half a 烧鸭!
This is half pound of 叉烧!
And we eat it with Dallas's version of 新州米粉! Oddly, the Texan Hongkies chef feels that the 新州米粉 should be very CURRIED-powderish! But we don't mind it one bit, it tasted not bad but not 新州米粉 more like 咔哩米粉 (Curry Bee Hoon)!
This take-out costs about USD20.00plus, I find it rather reasonable!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

蒸しパン (Mushipan) aka Japanese Steamed Cake!

I am looking for some 'healthy' recipe for my leftover anko paste! I was researching for '蒸豆沙包' but I happen to see 'Mushipan'. It is just simple Japanese Steam bun and very much like our Singaporean 'Huat Kueh' that we can purchase from our Pasar Malam! I think when Japanese Mama want to prepare some 'sweet dessert for their kids, this is the easy 'Home recipe' that they go to!

And this version is really light, fluffy and sweet!

And best of all, this is a really easy recipe that can be done within 30 minutes; not including washing up! Hahaha!

Sticky gluey paste; I added 2tbsp of paste, 1tsp of Anko paste and cover with another 1tbsp of paste.
Nice puff up after steaming ...

Quick steamed sweet and yet healthy steam cake!
I guess you can add a scoop of Strawberry Jam or Kaya jam or Custard whatever fillings you like to spice up the variety!!

Read on for recipe.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Taste of home - Bak Chor mee (香菇肉挫面)

OK, I am still at the stage of clearing out my fridge.
So I took stock; I remember I still have 幼面, a pot of braised soy sauce, minced meat, 猪肝 and dried shitake mushroom.

I can prepare - Bak Chor Mee!
Yummmieee ~

I am so '熟' with the steps so it was very fast, especially the braised sauce was leftover, which made the sauce damn flavourful and added depth to the sauce of my mee. 

So I just add more 'Shitake mushroom', and minced meat into the braised sauce; added five spice powder too.

Prepare the sauce in another bowl with; 镇江黑 醋, Oyster sauce, Sesame oil, ketchup(optional) and the Braised sauce.

Boil a pot of water, cook the 猪肝 and continue to cook the mee, rinse it with cold water.

Add the mee into the bowl of  sauce prepared, then add the Braised mushroom, and 猪肝 together, further add Onion flakes and chopped lettuce.

Tadah ~
Our very Singapore local breakfast with kopi-O!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pastéis de nata aka Portuguese custard tarts (葡式蛋挞)

It took me a week to get started because, I was waiting to get my muffin pans before I tried to bake the tart! I only had silicon muffin cups! But I ended up using my silicon muffin cups because the disposable aluminium muffin tray I bought was too big!
 Bleah ~

I had chosen to prepare the pastry by using Chef Carmen del Sol , she mentioned it was the 'AUTHENTIC' Portuguese's version of their egg tart recipe whereby the butter is layered, layer by layer on the pastry dough!

I told Hubs,"If I want to try, I should do the 'Authentic' way! If not it is quite pointless right!"

I should have bought a Ready-made Pastry!

Chef Carmen Del Sol made it seems so easy, and I thought 'Gosh, I can do that!'
But atlas it was difficult, not as easy as it look like on Youtube, and the dough is not easy to control. But I persevere and made it to the very last step!

My first batch, the dough was not easy to mould into the silicon cup.
There are more skills involve than what I imagine it to be ...
My Oven highest temperature is 450Fahrenheit but the recipe from Syrup and Tang calls for it to be baked at 572Fahrenheit/300Celcius! So the first batch, I had a hard time controlling the temperature. I didn't see much of my 'Custard' curdling like all blogs have mentioned!
But by the 2nd batch, I got the idea and everything went smoother.
2nd batch do looks better right?
The bottom of the tart ...
The pastry is not as layered as I imagine it would be, but I be testing out other methods soon!
Regardless, Hubs finish the first batch within 3minutes which took me 3 hours to achieved!
Read on for the recipe.

Friday, April 8, 2011

REI Micro Duffel @ USD7.93

I remember there was one fine VERY early in the morning, Hubs has a soccer session and I was still in lalaland! He softly shake me and wake me up, and ask me a very weird question:
"你有没有一个比较 'MAN' 的 bag?".
Translated, 'Do you have a bag that is more 'Manly'?
I was like WTH?

"ERM, ya go find yourself a plastic bag!"

Today I find a cheap cheap 'MANLY' bag that I can bring ANYWHERE, to EVERYWHERE!
Looks 'Manly' enough?
When folded it is only 5 x 3 x 1.5 inch!
I should be able to pop this in any of my bag!
So anytime, when Hubs asked; I will have a 'Manly' bag for Hubs to use readily!
And the best best best best of all, the price is just USD7.93 before tax!
Specification from
•The superlight REI Micro duffel provides extra storage space for traveling, and packs down small when not in use.
•Made from lightweight nylon with a clear polyurethane coating, the duffel is highly compressible and stows away in its own integrated stuff sack
•When duffel is stowed, stuff sack measures a mere 5 x 3 x 1.5 in. in dimension
•Shoulder strap adjusts for comfortable carrying
•Gear capacity (L) 17.2 liters
•Dimensions 16 x 8 x 8 (stowed 5 x 3 x 1.5) inches

Cuisinart® Mini-Prep® Processor

I finally commit myself to a 'proper' processor! Although it is a 'mini' one but I guess it should be more than enough for me, hopefully with this processor my cooking skill can progress a level higher with homemade dipping sauce and chilli sauce! Fresh homemade laksi lemak soon?

I have waited for the price to drop from USD39 to USD27 and free shipping from!
I miss the boat when Lowe was selling it at USD25 and was so pissed at myself!
So when I told hubs he rushed me to buy it!
Cuisinart® Mini-Prep® Processor
Product Features
Color: Brushed Stainless
Powerful chopper/grinder; 21-ounce work bowl; 2 speeds for precision chopping
Patented reversible blade chops or grinds; brushed stainless steel base Measures 6.9 by 5.2 by 8.25 inches; weighs 2.67 pounds Review
The Cuisinart Mini-Prep food processor stands 8 inches tall and just over 4 inches wide, but don't let the size fool you. The base houses a motor so powerful that you need to stabilize it with one hand when using the high setting to whip up a strawberry-banana smoothie for one in less than a minute. The clear plastic prep bowl locks into place with a simple twist, while the blades can be set sharp side up for chopping onions or grating Parmesan cheese, or turned blunt side up for making walnut pesto or whipping up chocolate frosting. The set includes a spatula and a cleaning brush to remove coffee grounds.
For best results, cut ingredients into small, even pieces--about 1/2-inch square or so works well. In general, use the sharp-edge approach for low speed and the blunt side of the blades for high speed. If you need to run the motor for longer than one minute, pause and begin again. The bowl, cover, and blade assembly can all be run through the dishwasher, but watch your fingers when dissembling the machine, as the blades are extremely sharp. --Irene Svete

Product Description
Occupies minimum counter space yet offers major advantages: more power than other choppers, 2-speed operation, and large 21-ounce capacity. Reversible blade. Chops or grinds. Includes 21-ounce work bowl, work bowl cover, and spatula. High and low speeds.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring is here, Creepy crawler is OUT!

Windy, hot and dry!
The perfect weather for bugs, insects and creepy crawler!
And I am bitten EVERYWHERE!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I ♥ Hmart Bibimbap

I want to give a Honorary mention to this affordable Bibimbap in Hmart's foodcourt!
Omg, it is really authentic; comparable to the real thing!
One of my to-go comfort food in Texas, Dallas!
I ♥ 'Chicken Teriyaki Bibimbap'!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chicken stock so 馄饨水饺面 ...

I am trying to CLEAR out my fridge, gosh I have so much junk in the fridge!
I decide to prepare my chicken stock for the week!
I am really getting good at this, but then again it is really not that difficult and I am getting use to the preparation!
And since I have Chicken stock, why not wrapped 'Wanton aka 馄饨'? From where I come from they are named 云吞 or 水饺! Hubs says it taste more like Sg 水饺, haha okok!

Chopped up all ingredient.
Minced meat + Shrimp + Canned Chestnut + Shitake Mushroom!
Mixed all and marinate
Soy sauce + Fish sauce + Oyster Sauce + Shaoxing wine + Sesame oil + Salt & Sugar
Wrapped and steam ...
Cook again in Chicken stock, and wala ~~~
Really YUMMY, surpass MOM's version!
Wahahahhahahaha, mad happy!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

爱心 ♥ Grilled steak @ home ...

Hubs says we should make full use of the USD60.00 Cuisinart Electric Grill that we bought 2 years ago! So recently I have been eating steak on the weekend, prepared by Hubs!
So it will be 2 minute for my medium rare steak!
This saves alot of $$$$ eating out in restaurant!
2 Petite Sirloin steak for US$9.00!
But of course the REAL person who is 'paying' for the eat-in will be ME!
Wash wash and more washing ...

'ALMOST' famous breadstick via

I love love love breads, and when I goes to the restaurant here, I will always eat alot of the free flow bread! And the 2 Restaurant's bread that I love most is the ones from; Cheesecake factory and Olive garden. So I tried using a top-rated with alot of positive reviews, 'Almost famous' Breadstick recipe on

The recipe make 16 breadsticks but I half the recipe because there are only 2 of us!
It was indeed a very easy recipe, and kneading time takes less than 15minutes to reach this stage for rising!
The result was 'ALMOST' which was the keyword! Why is Olive garden bread so FAMOUS, so IRRESISTIBLE because it was REALLY SOFT, light and airy. This recipe was 'ALMOST' but not airy and light enough, it was more of a dense and chewy bread. I had found another recipe which uses Bread flour. I will try it out soon!

Although 'Almost' it was a quick fixed for Mushroom soup!
Total prep time takes about 1.5hour!
Read on for the recipe.

Friday, April 1, 2011

锅贴 + 豆苗 + 快熟面 = Dinner!

I made 锅贴 again, and this time round there isn't any recipe anymore.
It is all 'aga-aga' ...

This time round it includes ; Minced Pork + Yellow chives + Chopped onion + 虾皮 + Wanton skin!
I told hubs the 锅贴 should be more than enough for dinner BUT he says he very hungry so I added a plate of 炒豆苗. But he insists that it is still not enough, so I cook up another Instant noodle for him!
So much for 2pax, eat until vomit!
Oh I must give a special mention to this Yummmmilicious sauce! Haha I told hubs with this 'special' sauce, it doesn't matter how the 锅贴 taste like! And HE AGREE!

Stupid man ...
But he did request for more 锅贴ss!


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