Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soon ~

There are so many food that I want to try and experiement with BUT Look at how BIG my face has gotten! Hahaha, basically it is already HUGE and when I get fat the face just BLOAT like a 大头娃娃! So I have to BLUR the pictures, it is 见不得光!

I already have a list in mind; Ang Ku Kueh, Popiah, Soon Kueh, 台式油饭!

Look at that oily list, how fat will both of us get, gosh!!! Some food you just cannot prepare in small quantity! Like soon kueh, the minimum will be ONE jiacam! Maybe half jicama for Popiah and half for Soon kueh?

I am trying to lose some weight, and I will try these food out soon!

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