Friday, March 4, 2011

More 65°C 湯種麵包 Bread

Finally I bake bread again, the kneading takes a long time and is tough on my arms, but in a weird sort of SM way, it is rather therapeutic when kneading. You get very frustrated, but the sense of satisfaction when you reach the elastic stage of kneading; ecstatic! So psychotic!
Experimented with a raisin dough, but that ended up abit hard, maybe raisin bun need more time to rise! The other experimental bun; cream Cheese filling with raisins rise alright with the Hotdog bun! I am more of a saltish savoury bun person but Hubs like sweet fillings bun. I should try out the custard bun soon!
Left : Raisin Bun, Right : Cream cheese filling with raisin bun.
Everything is finished by the next day morning!

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