Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A lazy Sunday

Typically our Sunday will be spend sleeping in, and doing our groceries!
And recently we start to have family walks out of our community compound.
A short 1 mile walk.

This is gorgeous house in our route; with such pretty 樱花树 aka Sakura Trees and there is a swing right infront of the house! My dream house ...
I purchased some 虾皮 from Ranch99, I read about this ingredient from most of Taiwanese foodblogs, and I want to try it. Most recipes I read use 虾皮 as a marinate for minced pork for 锅贴 or fried/steam then with eggs. I used it for my 豆苗, it tasted great! 虾皮 has high content of calcium levels, and they taste a tat better then dried anchovies!
I really really need some motivations to lose some weight!
The yo-yo weather is not helping much and causing me alot of HEADACHES, and a achy body!

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