Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fried Hotdog Bun w Donut!

Hubs loves this kinda of fried hotdog bun, but it was so heaty and the inside was not *cooked*, I have to cut up and microwave after everything. This time round, I tried harder to control the fire, but still I failed. I guess Deep Frying of dough is not as easy I thought it is!
It is easier to prepare the Donut Balls!
These Donut balls are smaller and easier to control!
Recently I am so lazy, I usually prepare a LARGE Pot of chicken stock and have soupy stuffs throughout the whole week. I am getting soooooo sooooo good at preparing chicken stock, I 'stunt' myself.
So Practise make perfect is TRUE!

This is so healthy; minced beef/pork, 豆苗, mushroom, egg and vermicilli.
A well rounded dinner!

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