Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When Thou is not cooking or baking, Moi is shopping!
I have been 'aiming' at this pair of Michael Antonio Dally Pumps like since forever!

And today is the DAY!
CutesyGirl is selling them for US$9.99 each!
weeee-eeee ~
They are having "FREE SHIPPING & 10% OFF ON ORDERS OVER US$50"!
I have a hard time deciding on the colours, and at the very last minute, I choose white!
I have to make use of the promotion, so I have to continue shopping; if not I be paying US$19.00 for the shoes because of the US$10.00 Shipping charges! This is how USA shopping works!

In the end after the 10% discount and free shipping, I paid about US$12.50 for each item!
So excited.
I can dress up for Lady Gaga's concert!

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