Monday, March 21, 2011

Anko aka Red Bean Paste

Just recently we bought a box of mochi with red bean paste, and that is the most yucky red bean paste mochi I have taken! The paste was floury and the green bean paste was so little, I couldn't see the paste! It is all rice flour!! So, I decide to take up the challenge and prepare the Anko myself! Of course there were recipes everywhere online and the challenge was to find the most traditional and yet the easiest, with well written and clear step by step instruction with pictures. I search for a few days and finally settle on Wagashi Maniac.

(Picture credit : Wagashi Maniac)
For my own recording ...

I Soak the whole one packet of 350gm of red beans overnight, and the next day they bloat to twice their size! I almost want to skip this step!!

Bring to boil over medium heat. Beans get wrinkled add another 30ml of cold water.
Bring to boil again and add another 300ml of cold water.
Cook over medium heat for 45-50minutes.
Turn heat off, and place beans in Colander. Drain off water and wash with COLD water.
Soak bean in cold water for another 5minutes. (I did 3minutes!)
At this point, the beans shouldn't break and should still be intact if not the fire is too hot!

Bring it to soft boil, after that place either parchement paper or lid over the beans for another 50-60minutes!
Close fire, strain the bean.
I don't have those cooking cloth, so I just use a spatula and a sieve to press out as much water as I can.
Last step, add 50% of the beans back into a wok with the sugar and chopped fry them till sugar dissolved. Do not need to add water at this stage because when the sugar start to dissolve, the beans water came out! Cook a while and add the other 50% of the beans. Start choppy frying for the water to dry up. I fry till the bottom start to burnt a little hahahaha, this step is very QUICK so don't walk away!

A tadah ~
Stay tuned for Dorayaki Pancake!

Ingredient :
350gram of Beans
280gram of Sugar

Note, just keep the beans cooking with just enough water to cover the beans. I think that is supposed to stop the beans from jumping too much! And the fire really depend on your stove. Wagashi Maniac 'Medium' fire is too 'High' for me, I use 4-5 for most of the steps, and last few steps only 1-2. I omitted the baking soda, because I do not need the beans to look esthetically pretty to me!

Overall it is not difficult, just time consuming and very attention seeking!

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