Tuesday, March 15, 2011

@ American Airlines Center w Lady Gaga!

I am rather dissappointed with the whole affair especially with the money that we have paid. The concert actually starts at 9pm+ and end at 11.15pm; about 2hours! And we didn't know how USA concert end and we left before the last song!! WTF ~ Now we know better, plus our seats are so far, LADY GAGA is so small, and the TV screen is SMALL too! PLUS + + + the girls that sat infront of me are so TALL, and keep dancing with her ARMS in the AIR!
One of the stage set up. The stage here are surprisingly SMALL!
Nevertheless, LADY GAGA performance is GOOD!
She promises everyone that SHE NEVER LIP SYNCH anywhere! And she mentioned that she will sing FREE for more occasions because she enjoyed singing FREE.
(Erm we paid, USD400+, you want to refund?)
By the way, we think we will enjoy it MORE if it is FREE too!
Heeeee I end with a Camwhore pictures of myself after doing my makeup!
It has been donkey months since I did a FULL makeup!
Love it but then the removing them is a drag!


  1. I saw her in concert last year too in Brisbane! She was amazing, and we were in the mosh pit haha! Should have gotten better seats next time ^^

  2. Yah she was AMAZING!! Love every moment but the ang mo damn TALL, I need to wear my 5inch heels de next time hahaha!!



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