Tuesday, March 8, 2011

大肉包 again, just becos Hubs loves it!

Of all the baking of cakes, or tarts or macarons or Choux pastry; Hubs prefer Steam Bun most! When he comes home from work, he will take one before dinner and another big one before he sleep! The original recipe itself made 8buns and I have increase the meat quantity from 150grams to 250grams! Hubs keep saying the meat is too little, he want 大肉包! And for the vegie, I just add whatever I have in my refrigerator at the moment! I even added 1/4 egg, hahaha 大肉包 indeed!

I still couldn't get the pleating right, but since Hubs love to eat the steam bun;  I would have alot of chance to practise. I should be 'dieting' this week, but once the steaming starts, the aroma of the 包 was so strong I cannot help but pop one!
Hubs comment,'GOOD, can compare with SG Khong Guan that is sold in the kopitiam!'

Hahaha got so good or not!?

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