Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet sweet Donut! (甜甜圈)

I always wanted to learn how to make Donut because my Hubs love DONUT! He can eat 5-6 donuts in one seating! So this is for him, and when I see the recipes from Nasi Lemak Lover; I know I have to try that recipe! Plus there is a youtube link from her website; Foodhouse8 . And this type of donut do not need a cookie cutter, which make it even more attractive for me to try it!

Last stage of the proofing process of the dough before making the Hole and dropping it into the oil.
My oil and fire is so hard to control, but I guess I am able to do better the next time round! Give me another chance but Hubs have to finish all the 11 Donuts first!
By the way, I half the recipe and each dough is 50grams, in the end I yield 11 Donut!
Not too bad, hopefully they are edible!

From: FoodHouse8


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