Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Donut (甜甜圈) II

I tried out the Sweet Donut (甜甜圈) again but the donut is still overly BROWNed! I guess it should be the OIL because this time I am extra careful with the fire. But still it is OVERLY BROWN! I checked, I used Canola oil and it smoke at 275; low smoking point. For deep frying I should be using Peanut or Corn or sunflower oil which has higher smoking point. I had gotten the Mazola Corn oil. I be trying out another batch soon!

Dough at last proofing!
Each dough is 50gram.
I even try out the sausage with breadcrumbs but ...

LOOK so ugly but taste alright!

I must PERFECT this Basic Donut recipe if not I 'buay gey yan' (不甘心) move on!


  1. Hello ee. My feeling is that the browning is because the oil is too hot. I find the most reliable way to do this is with a candy/oil thermometer and they are not so expensive. The various tests around ( eg droping a bit of batter in the oil to see if it floats or sizzles or whatever)are not that accurate and usually only tell you if the temperature is hot enough but not if it's too hot.
    Try a temp of 185ºC (365F) Canola Oil then will be below that smoke point so considered safe for health.

  2. Hi zephyr,

    Thanks for the tip, I guess I be getting a thermometer soon :)




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