Thursday, February 10, 2011

Singapore Style Fried Carrot Cake - Char Tow Kway!

I tried out this dish a year ago and fail miserably. I suspect I used the wrong kind of Rice Flour; Japanese Rice Flour. Anyway, it was hard work shredding the radish!! I was so put off that I daren't try it again! But after the 'Yusheng' tryout, I have white radish leftover. So my hand is itching to try it out because Hubs is always crazy for Char Tow Kway! And we used to be able to get the 'Plain' cake from some Vietnamese grocery or even Hmart but it seems like it is sold out here everywhere in DALLAS!!

I foundd this recipe from that only call for 200gram of radish! So I don't have to shred until my hand break!  I used my cake pan to steam the 'cake'.
Just for the Carrot Cake.

•200g rice flour
•550ml water
•200g radish (shredded)
•1 tsp salt

Method :
1.Ingredients A: Mix rice flour in 200ml water and combine well. Boil shredded radish and salt in remaining water. Pour in rice flour mixture and stir well to make batter.
2.Pour batter into 23cm square baking tray. Steam for 30 minutes till carrot cake is cooked. Allow to cool before cutting into pieces.
I cool the finish steamed carrot cake, and then kept it in the fridge overnight before I fry it the next morning!
Yummmmmmmmieeeee ...
Fresh fresh Char Tow Kway; I finish 1/4 of the kway by MYSELF!
There are ALOT of different recipes online but 200grams are just nice for me and Hubs, plus my wok are too small for major steaming. I guess I be buying alot of rice flour and radish :) 

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  1. Really glad that you found this recipe meets your needs.

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  2. Hi Zephyr

    Thanks for sharing :)




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