Thursday, February 3, 2011

Singapore 'Mexican Bun' aka Roti Boy!

My Inspiration for today's bake from Hearty Bakes.
I half the ingredients for the topping and in the end my topping is too RUNNY, and most of the 'topping' slided off and landed on the aluminium foil (out of parchment) rather than the bun itself. But there are still a thin layer of the crust on the bun, and it is still edible. Still looking good on photograph huh!
Read on for more.

I use the Melon Pan's Dough recipe instead of the dough from Hearty-Bakes.
The portion is just nice for the 2 of us, 5 bun for 2 days!
Dough ready for molding!
I even prepare fillings using butter and brown sugar. 
But the topping is toooooo runny!
Hahaha, look so UGLY!
Credit : Hearty-bakes.blogspot.comCoffee Topping:
75g Butter (soften)
60g Sugar
2 eggs
75g Plain Flour
* 1 tbsp Instant Coffee Powder dissolve in 1tbsp warm water
* 1/2 tsp Coffee Paste

Jessie's note:
* Depends on your liking for the richness of coffee taste, you may adjust the amount

♥ Prepare topping
♥ Hand whisk sugar and eggs until sugar dissolved.
♥ Add eggs continue whisk till well-mixed.
♥ Add in Plain flour, coffee mixture & coffee paste and stir well. ♥ Pour batter into piping bag. Pipe swirl on top to waistline of buns (the batter will flow down to bottom of buns in the oven)
♥ Baking time about 12-15minutes or until coffee crust turn golden brown.
I actually have not eaten the 'REAL' Roti boy, but then Hubs say OK edible!
Beard Papa; Choux pastry next!

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