Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rabbit New Year - 大年初一

It is a working day for Hubs and the weather is so bad. It has stop snowing but the city doesn't have the resources to 'clear' out the snow. And the road is dangerously slippy! So we didn't go out to get food and flower.s But well, we shall do that when the weather gets better this weekend!

But I still have some 甜甜 (Sweets) , 金子 (rocher) 吉 (Orange)  for some good luck in the year of the RABBIT.
And to create the 'Dong dong chiang' mood, I bake Bak Kwa. But the taste is too savoury, I guess it is over marinated with too much spices. I shall try another lot soon with less spices! 
Roti Boy next?

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