Monday, February 14, 2011

How's your Valentine Day

Taking a break from baking and rested at home. Hubs got the bread fear! Anyway What does Valentine's day mean to you? Valentine's Day has changed its meaning for us when I stopped working and started using Hubs $$$. So the gift exchange has become meaningless BECAUSE I will be using his money to buy gift for him. Hahaha and usually we don't like the gifts we get for each other! So as of all our gifts exchange are always gift for 'US' rather then gift for each other.
This year the gift for the 1st quarter of the year for US is supposed to be Lady GaGa Concert. I wanted to go New Orleans for their Masquerade Ball but I guess that 'plan' have to be scraped again.
What does Valentine's Day means to you?

Seriously it mean nothing to me, but deep inside I also wish Hubs will show some 'LOVE' appreciation. It will be better he will do it on any OTHER day of the year, but since he doesn't do that of course we have to fall into the Business Men's Trap; the Unscrupulous way of Reminding the MEN of our life to show his Appreciation and Love on this Meaningless Day that they LOVE us by buying Flowers that is soooooooooo expensive!


  1. I guess we got the "same" type of hubby... keke. All along we don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but deep inside, I do hope that my hubby would drop me a surprise lah.

    Seeing so many of my friends receive flowers from their hubs really make me kinda envy lor. ;P

  2. Hahaha ya DUMB MULE! Hint hint also useless ...

    Happy V day to u :)

    Should just use his card to swipe for a big ass bouquet of flowers for myself hahahaha ~

  3. haha.. shall do this next time... ;P



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