Saturday, February 19, 2011

Homemade Gyoza aka Potsticker aka 锅贴

There was once I bought those made ready 锅贴 but when it was placed in the freezer, it break off once I try to tear it off. So I defrost it in the fridge, in the end everything melted and mashed together. Everything is wasted, and I AM PISSED! SO I decide to try it out myself ...

For reference I use Carol 自在生活- 冰花煎餃.

I only mixed in Garlic Chives, Nappa Cabbage and Green Onion with Pork.
Finally  mixed in with all other 'Ingredients'.
I used instant wrapper, almost want to do it myself but it will be too much work!
Ain't the rows and rows of Potstickers pretty!?
Finally I am at the last stage and I can eat sooooon ...
Inexperience me, so didn't get the pretty 冰花 design by Carol.
Maybe the next time, I might get it?
I think it is YUM YUM, so much better than those store bought instant type!
DIY really tasted so much better and budget wise so much cheaper.
But I spent 2 hours in the kitchen chopping, mixing and wrapping!!!

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