Friday, February 25, 2011

Healthy Series - Chicken Stock

I preferred Chicken carcass stock to Pork bone stock. Chicken stock are sweeter and lighter. I do not know how to describe it, more refreshing? But anyway that is my preference! We brought frozen Abalone, and I be using the stock to Braised it. I cannot really find any recipe for that so, I will just blind blind do it, and see what is the result!

Just throw in Chicken Carcass (@USD1.00), ginger slices, garlic, dried red dates and green onion stalk. Bring to boil, sieve out the scum, lower heat and simmer for 45minutes to 1hour! Usually I keep the ingredient in the stock overnight before draining out only the stock the next day; there is no reason why haha maybe I am lazy!
And doing the same dish as Tuesday but I added 2TSBP of the chicken stock and the sweetness is so much different!

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