Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eating Healthy - Steam Sliced fish with mushroom & Tofu

Hubs has been complaining for weeks he has put on weight!
BUT he refused to acknowledge it is due to FOOD. So I ask whether he want to go on a diet, he refused to admit that he wants to go on a diet. Instead he say, 'Eat HEALTHY laaaaaaaarrrr.'
OK lorrrrrrr ...
So for dinner; Porridge and Steam Sliced fish with mushroom & Tofu

So 'Plain' huh but it tasted absolutely Yummmy!
These are Vietnamese Saba Fish slice, SWEET!
For the sauce; Soy sauce, Fish sauce, Sugar and Chinese rice wine.
For the fish; Soak with Salt and cornflour.
I am no expert, cannot measure with TBSP or TSP! Hahaha mine is traditional; use tongue! But of course, taste without the Chinese rice wine! Simple healthy dinner ...
Simple dinner ♥ !

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