Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Baking Bun : Japanese Style Melon Pan

After the successful Hotdog bun, my hand is itchy to do something else to 'perfect' the kneading process. I found the Melon Pan (Bun) in Daydelicious. It is very similar to Hongkong Polo Bun but this is less buttery and has less ingredient! And I have all the ingredient ON HAND in my fridge, keke~

Anyway I saw this in Breadtalk before but I had not tried that personally. I am a more 'salty' bun person; so usually I get cheese stick, ham bun etc. But hubby is a 'sweet' person, so today bun is dedicated to him!

The main dough, I chose the 'Recipe' with the lesser Ingredient;'Cooking with dog-Melonpan'. BUT it is still not easy to knead. Maybe Hub will get me a Bread machine soon!?
The cookie dough is easier to knead!
The preparation is something like Pineapple tart dough but easier!
Cut the dough equally into 5 parts.
Mash it flat.
Separate the dough into 5 equal part and proof it again for 10minutes.
Wrap the dough, dip into sugar, and cut pattern!
Let it proof again for 45minutes.
'Ding' in Oven.
I 'Broil' to brown the top abit. The smell was so buttery SWEET!
Smell so nice ...
Looks good but I don't know how it tastes like.
Waiting for Hubs to come back to be the taster!
I will be trying to add 'Cream Cheese Filling' the next time I bake Melon Pan.
Credit 自家製酵母のメロンパン
Ingredients for Melonpan
(5 pieces)
- Bread Dough -
140g Bread Flour (4.94 oz)
25g Sugar (0.882 oz)
1/3 tsp Salt
5g Non-Fat Dry Milk Powder (0.176 oz)
3g Instant Yeast (0.106 oz) - a little less than 1 tsp
1 tbsp Beaten Egg
70ml Warm Water (2.37 fl oz)
15g Butter (0.529 oz)
Bread Flour for dusting

- Cookie Dough -
25g Unsalted Butter (0.882 oz)
35g Sugar (1.23 oz)
25g Beaten Egg (0.882 oz)
80g Cake/Pastry Flour (2.82 oz)
1/4 tsp Baking Powder
Bread Flour for dusting
Recommended :
In Japanses but got pictures自家製酵母のメロンパン
Youtube's video 'Cooking with dog-Melonpan'
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