Tuesday, February 15, 2011

65°C 湯種麵包 aka Tangzhong Method

I finally pluck up enough courage to try out the 'FAMOUS' '65°C 湯種麵包' aka Tangzhong Method. This method of dough is so much wetter and it took me 1.5hour to reach this stage! While my hand is hard at work kneading the messy, wet and sticky dough; my mind keep thinking is everything worth it?
I referred to Christinesrecipes.com for the Basic Tang Zhong Dough recipes and half everything.

Get the full recipe from Christinesrecipes.com
Ingredients of tangzhong (湯種):
50gm/ 1/3 cup bread flour
250ml/ 1cup water (could be replaced by milk, or 50/50 water and milk)

Ingredients of bread:
350gm/ 2½ cups bread flour
55gm/3tbsp+2tsp caster sugar
5gm/1tsp salt
56gm egg (equals to 1 large egg)
7gm/1tbsp+1tsp milk powder (to increase fragrance, optional)
125ml/ ½cup milk
120gm tangzhong (use half of the tangzhong you make from above)
5 to 6gm/2 tsp instant yeast
30gm/3tbsp butter (cut into small pieces, softened at room temperature)
I didn't have a thermometer and I klutz myself through the making of the 'Tangzhong' and Reminder to myself "Use small fire!". I need to practise shaping the dough MORE!
I used 50gram of dough per bun and yielded 7 Bun dough.
The first batch of Hotdog bun, look good huh!
My 2nd batch; trying to be creative! I used cold ham and raisin. And I regretted using COLD Ham, the dough for the COld ham did not PUFF up as much. I guess the cold stunted the 'yeast'!
But they came out of the Oven looking good too!
I think I will never go back to the usual Straight Dough Method!

The bun is fluffy and soft, just like those sold in Bakery and sans the use of preservatives! I guess the REAL test would be whether the Bun can last till tomorrow and still be soft and fluffy! If the Buns can last more days maybe I can decide to do larger amount!? But then again the Kneading will KILL ME!

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