Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stewed Beef Brisket (Ngau Nam Mee aka 牛腩面)

As per requested by Hubs and I referred to for her recipes. I, myself don't really eat braised beefy stuffs so don't really know the standard for 牛腩面! But hubs say this type is really OLD school, and for first time cooking; not bad! Huh, sounds like 'NO GOOD!' to me!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Healthy Series : Fish and Abalone!

Still eating healthy, and almost a week WITHOUT oil!
Hubs purchase these fresh frozen abalone from ranch99 market at 6 for USD17.99, and I couldn't really find any recipe online!! So I just DIY my way using my chicken stock, I slow cook it for 2hours! Not as nice as it look but the abalone is edible, and I know I can do better the next time round!
I added dried shitake mushroom and a few fresh mussel to slow cook!
Seafood, I likey!

Healthy Series - Chicken Stock

I preferred Chicken carcass stock to Pork bone stock. Chicken stock are sweeter and lighter. I do not know how to describe it, more refreshing? But anyway that is my preference! We brought frozen Abalone, and I be using the stock to Braised it. I cannot really find any recipe for that so, I will just blind blind do it, and see what is the result!

Just throw in Chicken Carcass (@USD1.00), ginger slices, garlic, dried red dates and green onion stalk. Bring to boil, sieve out the scum, lower heat and simmer for 45minutes to 1hour! Usually I keep the ingredient in the stock overnight before draining out only the stock the next day; there is no reason why haha maybe I am lazy!
And doing the same dish as Tuesday but I added 2TSBP of the chicken stock and the sweetness is so much different!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nikuman aka 蒸肉包 aka Steam Pork Bun

As this week is healthy week, so I am trying to stop BAKING and try steaming and 大肉包 comes to mind. And of course my researching starts, and I have chosen the 'Japanese Nikuman' Youtube's version by Cookingwithdog. Her videos are so clear and easy to follow PLUS her ingredients are usually smaller portion.

Read On for my Klutz Adventure.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Healthy Series - Steamed Egg with shrooms and crabmeat

This is a easy dish to prepare. Put all the shrooms that you want on the plate, add in any type of meat and then prepare the egg custard stock. The dish looking good BEFORE steaming!
Egg custard ratio is 3/4 water : 2 eggs.
I also added Anchovies Seasoning Powder and a 好吃seasoning powder I brought from home.

But I forgotten to do the LAST STEP of covering the custard and my Steamed Egg comes out crinkly. Look so ugly but then yummmmmieeee . I compliment the eggs with Pork Liver Porridge.
I am already at my 5th days cooking without OIL!

Steamed Brown Sugar Kueh (黑糖发糕)

Weather is changing so much, Hubs is having his annual sore-throat. So I wanted to find some 'steam' Kueh recipes instead of all the Heaty Baking and Frying! So I find this easy 笑口黑糖发糕 recipe, and the Kueh split and 'smile' happily but it tasted 'Yucky' for me. Maybe I added too much 'Coconut'? I am not too sure, I hated the coconutty taste, so I am not very sure I want to treat it again!

Maybe I be looking for another recipe without the Coconut milk!?

I half the recipe and got TWO steamed kueh! It was so easy I just do it in the morning for Hubs but too bad we don't really like it. Maybe it is the Brown Sugar?


* 以同一款汤匙为准。而且每一匙的材料都要自然高满。

- 锅里放水,先烧滚备用。
- 以100ml的热水弄溶黑糖和白糖,过滤备用。
- 把自发面粉,浓椰浆和糖浆搅拌混合均匀成浓浓面糊。
- 然后倒入小纸杯中至满。
- 再把注入面糊的小纸杯排入锅里,蒸10分钟或至熟即可。

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eating Healthy - Steam Sliced fish with mushroom & Tofu

Hubs has been complaining for weeks he has put on weight!
BUT he refused to acknowledge it is due to FOOD. So I ask whether he want to go on a diet, he refused to admit that he wants to go on a diet. Instead he say, 'Eat HEALTHY laaaaaaaarrrr.'
OK lorrrrrrr ...
So for dinner; Porridge and Steam Sliced fish with mushroom & Tofu

So 'Plain' huh but it tasted absolutely Yummmy!
These are Vietnamese Saba Fish slice, SWEET!
For the sauce; Soy sauce, Fish sauce, Sugar and Chinese rice wine.
For the fish; Soak with Salt and cornflour.
I am no expert, cannot measure with TBSP or TSP! Hahaha mine is traditional; use tongue! But of course, taste without the Chinese rice wine! Simple healthy dinner ...
Simple dinner ♥ !

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Indian Movie - 3 Idiots

Erm I don't always watch Indian movie because their storyline are mostly the SAME and it is sooooooooooooooo draggy with the singing and dancing. BUT over the weekend, we have watched so much shows, we are left with '3 Idiots' which comes with very high rating! And I tolerate the 'initial' part and this show is NOT BAD wor! I like how the storyline progress and how the story in the end wrap up! I especially like the ENDING; happy ending! But then it is the way they tell the story and how they wrap it up that is surprisingly good and let you leave the story happy and satisfied!

Highly recommended go watch it.
Plus the Main actor looks abit like Hong Kong's version Edison!
By the way these 3 are no idiots, they are students of a Prestigious Engineering school. And the stories tell the adventure of their friendship ...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dim Sum at Plano, JS Chen.

It feels like Spring in Texas! And I need to lose some weight because skimpy clothes are coming out; I cannot wear in thick thick outerwear anymore!

JS Chen 新瑞華餐廳
3948 Legacy Dr. Plano, TX
I want to eat Dim sum before starting my 'Diet Programme' and we decide to try out the GS Chen Dim Sum Place that is nearer to us. Hubs has a very bad experience here and has refused to bring me in!
We dare not order too much and we try the very basics!
The food is abit overpriced, but tasted OK.
And how can we not order the Fried Prawn Dumplings?
Me and Hubs love these Fried Dumplings most ...
And the next best thing we liked; the price is not overly crowded!
Will we go again, most probably, yes!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Homemade Gyoza aka Potsticker aka 锅贴 II

2nd Batch really look so much better and in one night, the 2 of us ate 25 of them!

Homemade Gyoza aka Potsticker aka 锅贴

There was once I bought those made ready 锅贴 but when it was placed in the freezer, it break off once I try to tear it off. So I defrost it in the fridge, in the end everything melted and mashed together. Everything is wasted, and I AM PISSED! SO I decide to try it out myself ...

For reference I use Carol 自在生活- 冰花煎餃.

I only mixed in Garlic Chives, Nappa Cabbage and Green Onion with Pork.
Finally  mixed in with all other 'Ingredients'.
I used instant wrapper, almost want to do it myself but it will be too much work!
Ain't the rows and rows of Potstickers pretty!?
Finally I am at the last stage and I can eat sooooon ...
Inexperience me, so didn't get the pretty 冰花 design by Carol.
Maybe the next time, I might get it?
I think it is YUM YUM, so much better than those store bought instant type!
DIY really tasted so much better and budget wise so much cheaper.
But I spent 2 hours in the kitchen chopping, mixing and wrapping!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mee Hoon Goreng again!

Me and hubs LOVE this dish!
What will I do without mom's chilli!
And I prepared Baked Chicken Wings, very SGrean LOCAL huh!
Next week will be diet week!
I will be 'dieting' and hubs will be eating less oily and more soupy stuffs!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free spree from

I have gotten 2 giftcards from for USD21.00. And NO it is not from lucky draw; I had written 21 reviews 900 words each for a mere USD21.00. Hahaha but then it is not that difficult plus there is no spelling or grammar check and I don't care who is reading it because they won't know me!!

Here is what I gotten ...
For myself, a bake pan silicone mat; so I doesn't have to cut parchment paper ANYMORE!
A gift for TOto, totally from MOI ~
And for Hubs to get his electronics NEAT.
In the end, I just paid USD4+ for everything!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

65°C 湯種麵包 aka Tangzhong Method

I finally pluck up enough courage to try out the 'FAMOUS' '65°C 湯種麵包' aka Tangzhong Method. This method of dough is so much wetter and it took me 1.5hour to reach this stage! While my hand is hard at work kneading the messy, wet and sticky dough; my mind keep thinking is everything worth it?
I referred to for the Basic Tang Zhong Dough recipes and half everything.

Get the full recipe from
Ingredients of tangzhong (湯種):
50gm/ 1/3 cup bread flour
250ml/ 1cup water (could be replaced by milk, or 50/50 water and milk)

Ingredients of bread:
350gm/ 2½ cups bread flour
55gm/3tbsp+2tsp caster sugar
5gm/1tsp salt
56gm egg (equals to 1 large egg)
7gm/1tbsp+1tsp milk powder (to increase fragrance, optional)
125ml/ ½cup milk
120gm tangzhong (use half of the tangzhong you make from above)
5 to 6gm/2 tsp instant yeast
30gm/3tbsp butter (cut into small pieces, softened at room temperature)
I didn't have a thermometer and I klutz myself through the making of the 'Tangzhong' and Reminder to myself "Use small fire!". I need to practise shaping the dough MORE!
I used 50gram of dough per bun and yielded 7 Bun dough.
The first batch of Hotdog bun, look good huh!
My 2nd batch; trying to be creative! I used cold ham and raisin. And I regretted using COLD Ham, the dough for the COld ham did not PUFF up as much. I guess the cold stunted the 'yeast'!
But they came out of the Oven looking good too!
I think I will never go back to the usual Straight Dough Method!

The bun is fluffy and soft, just like those sold in Bakery and sans the use of preservatives! I guess the REAL test would be whether the Bun can last till tomorrow and still be soft and fluffy! If the Buns can last more days maybe I can decide to do larger amount!? But then again the Kneading will KILL ME!

Monday, February 14, 2011

How's your Valentine Day

Taking a break from baking and rested at home. Hubs got the bread fear! Anyway What does Valentine's day mean to you? Valentine's Day has changed its meaning for us when I stopped working and started using Hubs $$$. So the gift exchange has become meaningless BECAUSE I will be using his money to buy gift for him. Hahaha and usually we don't like the gifts we get for each other! So as of all our gifts exchange are always gift for 'US' rather then gift for each other.
This year the gift for the 1st quarter of the year for US is supposed to be Lady GaGa Concert. I wanted to go New Orleans for their Masquerade Ball but I guess that 'plan' have to be scraped again.
What does Valentine's Day means to you?

Seriously it mean nothing to me, but deep inside I also wish Hubs will show some 'LOVE' appreciation. It will be better he will do it on any OTHER day of the year, but since he doesn't do that of course we have to fall into the Business Men's Trap; the Unscrupulous way of Reminding the MEN of our life to show his Appreciation and Love on this Meaningless Day that they LOVE us by buying Flowers that is soooooooooo expensive!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Fierce Wife 《犀利人妻》

I am following this Taiwanese Serial, The Fierce Wife 《犀利人妻》 now. The series is so CAPTIVATING! So real, so real; I have been crying everyday with every developing episode. Storyline and actors are doing real good! And the most recommended are all the 'Songs' in the show!

指望-郁可唯 is my absolute favourite!It really touched a cord in me. I wonder why!
Love is so fragile. Should women forgive a straying husband?

指望 郁可唯
怕不怕被拒绝 怕不怕被省略
尽管你抱歉 忏悔

别指望我谅解 别指望我体会

别指望我谅解 别指望我体会
太多的是非 来不及杜绝
Read on for more recommendations!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple ♥ Dinner

 I ♥ steamed fish, I can have it everyday!
Promotion for 锅贴 in Ranch99.
Yum yum 白昌鱼, fresh! I don't even need to throw away the first steam liquid!
鲜甜! (Fresh and Sweet)
 ♥ ♥ ♥

Singapore Style Fried Carrot Cake - Char Tow Kway!

I tried out this dish a year ago and fail miserably. I suspect I used the wrong kind of Rice Flour; Japanese Rice Flour. Anyway, it was hard work shredding the radish!! I was so put off that I daren't try it again! But after the 'Yusheng' tryout, I have white radish leftover. So my hand is itching to try it out because Hubs is always crazy for Char Tow Kway! And we used to be able to get the 'Plain' cake from some Vietnamese grocery or even Hmart but it seems like it is sold out here everywhere in DALLAS!!

I foundd this recipe from that only call for 200gram of radish! So I don't have to shred until my hand break!  I used my cake pan to steam the 'cake'.
Just for the Carrot Cake.

•200g rice flour
•550ml water
•200g radish (shredded)
•1 tsp salt

Method :
1.Ingredients A: Mix rice flour in 200ml water and combine well. Boil shredded radish and salt in remaining water. Pour in rice flour mixture and stir well to make batter.
2.Pour batter into 23cm square baking tray. Steam for 30 minutes till carrot cake is cooked. Allow to cool before cutting into pieces.
I cool the finish steamed carrot cake, and then kept it in the fridge overnight before I fry it the next morning!
Yummmmmmmmieeeee ...
Fresh fresh Char Tow Kway; I finish 1/4 of the kway by MYSELF!
There are ALOT of different recipes online but 200grams are just nice for me and Hubs, plus my wok are too small for major steaming. I guess I be buying alot of rice flour and radish :) 

Recommended for further reading :
Daily Food Adventure - Fried Carrot Cake aka Chai Tow Kway (Part 1) (Step-by-step Tutorial!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


With all the leftover goodies like Abalone, Sotong balls, fish slices; I used the chicken stock to whipped this easy dish up with vermicilli! Both of us love this dish on a cold cold night.

Hubs named it  海鲜鱼片鲍鱼冬粉鸡汤!
I should have added Prawns to make it more 海鲜-ish!
Hahaha I used half of a abalone here, which makes this meal so EXPENSIVE!
Almost USD12.00 per pax! Abalone is so expensive here, I wonder when we can have this again!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sweet Donut (甜甜圈) II

I tried out the Sweet Donut (甜甜圈) again but the donut is still overly BROWNed! I guess it should be the OIL because this time I am extra careful with the fire. But still it is OVERLY BROWN! I checked, I used Canola oil and it smoke at 275; low smoking point. For deep frying I should be using Peanut or Corn or sunflower oil which has higher smoking point. I had gotten the Mazola Corn oil. I be trying out another batch soon!

Dough at last proofing!
Each dough is 50gram.
I even try out the sausage with breadcrumbs but ...

LOOK so ugly but taste alright!

I must PERFECT this Basic Donut recipe if not I 'buay gey yan' (不甘心) move on!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet sweet Donut! (甜甜圈)

I always wanted to learn how to make Donut because my Hubs love DONUT! He can eat 5-6 donuts in one seating! So this is for him, and when I see the recipes from Nasi Lemak Lover; I know I have to try that recipe! Plus there is a youtube link from her website; Foodhouse8 . And this type of donut do not need a cookie cutter, which make it even more attractive for me to try it!

Last stage of the proofing process of the dough before making the Hole and dropping it into the oil.
My oil and fire is so hard to control, but I guess I am able to do better the next time round! Give me another chance but Hubs have to finish all the 11 Donuts first!
By the way, I half the recipe and each dough is 50grams, in the end I yield 11 Donut!
Not too bad, hopefully they are edible!

From: FoodHouse8



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