Monday, January 3, 2011

Simple Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Finally hubs unboxed the new oven, and he says must try out whether the oven is working or not. SO I make used of the most recent purchase recipe book; Perfect Cupcakes, cookies and muffins. I chose the first page, and the easiest plus I have all the ingredients on hand! We have dessert at night ...
No frosting, I think it will be too sweet, but HUBS will love the frosting.
Cupcakes turn out perfect; just the way I imagine it to be! But my cupcakes, really looks like muffins hahaha! I always thought cupcakes is FLAT top, and muffins will poofed up. Hmmmm something wrong with me or the recipe? But I like the portions of the recipe, just nice 8 small cupcakes ...


  1. Haha this is the simplest of recipe, you can make this easily!!



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