Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kitchen Equipment

It seems like my 'Hobby' has divert from Make Up to Skin Care to Cooking to BAKING!

Baking is a 'expensive' hobby and needed alot of 'Proper' Equipment. And recently I order a PROPER cookie pan like FINALLY! How did I bake so much tarts and cookie with a proper cookie pan huh!? And next week I can baked Bak Kwa for CNY and maybe more pineapple tart?

And I am just back from Joann with me new Piping Tip, coupler and piping bags! Maybe I be preparing some Basic whipped cream fulling for the Macarons tonight!
Julienne Peeler for the carrot, radish and cucumber for 'Lao Yusheng'!
And WAFFLE maker, finally I can find a recipe and prepare Singapore style waffle; my absolute All time Favourite and even in Singapore there are only certain places that offer the waffle with crispy crust!! NOW I can try it out by myself ...
Other Kitchen Equipment that I wish I own; a Kitchen blender so I can cook alot more exotic food?

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