Friday, January 21, 2011

Kek lapis - Ugly but edible

I love Kek Lapis! But it is so expensive in Singapore, plus the fact that it is not freshly baked! And I will always buy 2 boxes when I go Batam; the Kek lapis are always baked when ORDER! It is always still warm when we get our boxes of Kek Lapis! Anyway, it is alot of work baking Kek lapis, but I am determine to do it. The Ingredient is cheap and low priced, but the end product; heavenly! My reference was from Bernie's Beatenandbaked and

10 Eggs - USD2.00
All spice - USD3.00
250gm of butter - USD3.99
Condensed Milk - USD2.50

And the rest are existing Baking items!
Anyway I have never seen how a Kek Lapis is being baked, so I learn mainly from watching YOUTUBE's video! It looks easy but when I am actually at it, I am a klutz! It was CLUMSINESS all the way burning my finger, wasting my batter! My first 2 layer is wasted because I didn't know what to expect and I burnt them! That is why my Lapis doesn't has as much layer hahaha! Very disappointed but then again, this is only a small price to pay for not learning from anyone, anywhere!

Read on to see my Kek Lapis Baking adventure in the kitchen ...

Took out all the necessary ingredients!
Wrote out the recipes!
Separated the eggs!
1st step; Cream Butter and Sugar.
Then the egg yolk, sugar, Vanilla Essence and Condensed Milk.
The DRY ingredient; Cake Flour, Spice Mix and Baking powder.
Add the Egg white and the rest of the ingredient together.
The first layer is a disaster and I burnt the paper, burnt my finger, I have to throw them away and use another disposable 8x8inch Baking Pan.
Because of my inexperience, I wasted quite alot of the batter, and that is why my Kek Lapis has very little layer and was so 'short. And also because of 'inexperienced' my layers was so uneven!! Plus the broiling in my Oven is fixed at 450°F is (232°C), I cannot control that! Another problem is I think I underbeat both the Yolk and White batter, and my batter deflated and was quite watery! I wonder what happen!!
Luckily it is still Edible!
Will bake another one soon!

Credit: Kek Lapis
Ingredients: (17cm square cake pan)
250g butter at room temperature
60g castor sugar

10 egg yolks
60g castor sugar
1 tbsp rum/brandy
2 tbsp condensed milk

66g cake flour
1 tsp mixed spice
1/4 tsp baking powder

4 egg whites
30g sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar

1. Preheat oven to 170C - 180C. Line the baking tin with baking paper and grease it well with butter.
2. Cream butter with 60g sugar till creamy.
3. Beat egg yolk with 60g sugar till thick. Stir in rum/brandy and condensed milk.
4. Sieve flour, baking powder and mixed spice onto a plate.
5. Mix butter and egg yolk mixture well. Fold in flour mixture by thirds and mix well. (I use the beater on low speed to mix this).
6. Beat egg white till big bubbles form, add in cream of tartar, beat till white in colour then add in sugar and beat till stiff (about 7 -10 minutes).
7. Fold egg white into egg yolk mixture and mix well.
8. Turn on the top fire only, grill baking pan for 1 minute and spoon 2 tbsp batter into baking pan. Spread the batter evenly, put to grill at top fire in the oven. Grill for about 4.5 - 5 minutes or till brown. Remove from oven, use a cake tester or toothpick to prick holes on the top of cake. Repeat this layer by layer till batter finish.
9. Unmould cake immediately and turn on to wire rack to cool.

Notes & Tips:
1. Best to use oven with top and bottom fire. Please adjust oven temperature and check cooking time required for each layer according to your oven.
2. Do not grease the sides of the baking tin.
3. Make sure the lined paper fits the baking tin exactly.
4. Do not put too much batter for each layer, else the centre of the cake will not be cooked.
5. Adjust sweetness and flavour of cake by increasing or decreasing amount of sugar and spices.
6. Make sure you use the same spoon and same amount of batter for each layer, so that the layers will be even.
7. Bake each layer till quite brown before adding new layer (the browning should be like the very top layer of my baked kek lapis). This way when the whole cake is baked, the layers will be explicit.

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