Monday, January 3, 2011

Kate Spade 25% off Winter Sales!

Kate Spade is having 25% discount off Sales Price, and I am shopping FOR my friend. Hahaha, it is fun to shop for others too! After being friends for so long, it is rather scary to know that we have taste so similar! I almost wanted to get the same Tote she gotten.

 Shop Tote Griffen USD91.50 after discount.
But I set my eyes on Foil Again Alana, but then I don't really like carrying Vertical bags. I cannot seems to find my stuffs using Vertical Bags!! So I am still considering ...

Foil Again Alana USD66.00 after discount.
Maybe I shall wait for my friends' bag to arrive before deciding to buy OR NOT. The sales last till 17 January 2011.

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