Monday, January 17, 2011

Gap Bag is here, Hautelook AXE!

My gap bag is here, and I LOVE it.
Huge, light and roomy with ALOT of pockets, VERY me!
I have promoted it to be my everyday bag ...
Lucky I didn't procrastinate the buy, not long after, this bag is SOLD OUT!
If not, I will be complaining, complaining until Hubs's ear BLEED! COMPLAINS!
I have ordered a Kenneth Cole Satin Stadium Jacket with Detachable Hood from since 24 December 2010 and I forget to look at the fine print which states that I will only recieved 11 January - 17 January 2011. My bad, so I waited and till 17 January, the delivery date was ALTERED and I have to wait another one week. BY then WINTER is over. I am actually very pissed and contacted Their response, the supplier has not fulfilled their delivery and my jacket is still not with, HOW the hell can their fulfilled the delivery by another 1 week!? Ya they cannot confirm whether I can recieved it after another week wait!

And Initially they waived my Delivery charges of USD7.99, but after I complained; they offered to give me a USD20.00 voucher if I prefer to wait for my order and in any case they cannot fulfilled they will refund me in total.

NAH, by the time the jacket arrives, winter is over and I have to keep somewhere the jacket for another year. SO I AM PISSED and I cancelled the order! Hopefully I see the refund to my card soon! Bad way to do business, bad experience so I won't buy from them ANYMORE!

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