Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Basic Happy Feet Macaron!

Omg omg omg omg omg, my first try at Macarons and they have FEET! I didn't expect the feet to show because firstly, I don't have a very FLAT cookie baking tray; I always used a lousy OLD pizza pan! 2ndly I didn't have any Piping equipment, I used a cut ziplock bag! And this is the first time I do any piping, it look easy on but it was DIFFICULT to control!

There is alot of recipes online and most recipes are very fanciful, I chose Boulanger a la maison . Her blog has very simple steps and tips and all the steps has pictures for easy reference. She also has a formula for the Ingredient of Macaron! Recommended reading for more tips by
Credit : Boulanger a la maison
egg white 1.00 part
almond meal 1.10 part
pure icing sugar 1.65 part
caster sugar 0.60 part

Read on to see my klutzy Macaron adventure ...
I sieve the almond and icing sugar 3x!
This takes the longest time but was the easiest step!
I used 55grams of egg white which was left in the fridge for 3 days!
Almond flour and Icing sugar + Egg whites and sugar = Macaron
So sad, I don't have a proper piping equipment, can only cut a hole from a ziplock bag! But seeing that it is a sucesss, I be getting Hubs to get me a simple set soon!
Hmmm although I 'gurung gabok' but I still manage to squeeze out some look-a-like macarons! Can only look through YOUTUBE, and online blogs for 'Lessons'! Alot of the more experience hadn't gotten the feet on their first trial, so I didn't have any expectations of my macaron having any feet.
I was staring at it till the 3rd minute and the feet is still not developing yet! I was so dissapointed I start on the washing and cleaning up. But the feet did develop by the 4th minute!

Serious I cannot believe my eye, there is one blogger who wasted 12 egg whites to get FEET! All thanks to such blogger, I can then read from all their experiences!!
Hee my 'Basic Happy Feet Macarons'!
Basic Macaron Recipe (as according to the ratio) :
55g Egg whites
60g Almond meal
90g Icing sugar
35g caster sugar
I have about 30pcs of ODD shapes Macarons!

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