Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 - Pineapple Tart II

This time round, I split the baking into 2 parts; the filling and the actual baking.

I spent a full 3-4 hour standing in the kitchen preparing the Pineapple Fillings on Friday. And this time round, the Pineapples that I bought are HUGE! I grate the pineapple till I want to give up and surrender, but I persevere. And was quite satisfied with the result. This time the colour is brighter and nicer and not as sweet!

On Saturday, I spent about 4hours preparing the dough and rolling all these tarts! I think I gotten about 90 tarts. I am more accurate and the tarts actually look very consistent in size and colouring!

I used Lurpak Danish Butter, and the dough of the tart really tasted more buttery. So is it because the butter is 'SALTED' or is it due to the BRAND of the butter? We won't know till I try another Not as branded unsalted version?? This time round the WHOLE HOUSE smell so buttery, so yummmy smelling ...

I used 1 tsp of Pineapple filling, with 1tsp of Dough.
So the dough is so thin it literally MELT off and it is almost all Pineapple filling! Hubs commented that this time round it really tasted so much better than the first time that I baked it due to the 'Buttery' taste and the size of the tart is smaller so easier to just pop it into the mouth!

These shall be packed for CNY!
Kueh Lapis next?

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