Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yummy Ni Tamago

Alright enough of those mambojumbotechnical post that I myself don't know much about and back to COOKING.

I have my first taste of Ni Tamago at a Sushi Buffet in Singapore, and oddly enough the BEST tasting food on the buffet table is their Ni Tamago, which at that time I didn't know the name of the dish. I am so impress, when I came back to USA, I tried to surf for the actual name of this particular dish, and lucky me found it, and with the recipe as well from chubbyhubby.net. Initially, I thought this must be a very difficult dish to prepare but then it is actually very easy and very minimal 'ingredients' is needed!!

Ni Tamago sitting quietly at one corner of the plate waiting to surprise us!!

Ok let start cooking; Cold eggs from the fridge, gently place them in boiling water. Some people poke a hole on top of the egg using a needle to prevent the eggs from cracking but I am too lazy! You just have to do it gently, I wasn't gentle enough with one of them and it crack! Stupid egg, hahaha~

Start timing for 7 minutes, I prefer a runny center so I do it for 6 minutes and I started to collect the egg out!
Dump it into COLD ICE water! Chubbyhubby's recipe call for Malted Vinegar added into the ice-water to soften the eggshell for easy peeling which I omit because I can peel egg just fine the way they are!
For the marinate
1 cup light soy sauce,
2 tablespoons dark soy sauce,
1 cup water,
1/2 cup brown sugar,
10 ginger slices ( I omit this)
Bring to boil and then cool it off
I don't think I cool the eggs for 3-5hours but then once my marinate cool off I start peeling the eggs and just dump everything into the marinate!!
Last step seeping it for a few hours, and now waiting for Dinner time!
I didn't reheat the egg and just had Cold Ni Tamago!! Hubby commented the eggs can be cook a while more, but I love it the way they are. Oh egg yolks with plain white rice, Heavenly yummmilicious ...
I guess you can do as many eggs as you like but...
 'Beware of the CALORIES'!!


  1. Ya really Yummy!! Easy to make right, you can give it a try!!



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