Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why Panasonic Lumix LX5?

I have been scouring the Internet on articles "Panasonic Lumix LX5 vs Canon PowerShot S95" and you see ADULT men arguing in Forum regarding this 2 cameras! Haha so funny ...

Anyway since like after using my 4th Casio camera, I resign to the fate that there isn't ONE PERFECT camera that has EVERYTHING that you wanted.

My camera History,
  • 1st Canon Ixus 400 (Sep 2003)
  • 2nd BenQ (Oct 2003)
  • 3rd Nikon 4100(2004)
  • 4th Casio S500(Jul 2005)
  • 5th, 6th and 7th Sony T10 (2006-2008 Sony is the 'leading' credit card camera in that era! Unbeatable in size and lens!)
  • 8th Sony W300 (Jul 2008)
  • 9th Rebel Xsi (Jan 2009)
  • 10th Canon SD780 (Dec 2009)
  • 11th Panasonic Lumix Lx5 (Dec 2010)

There isn't ONE perfect camera, and me, for one admit that the look of the camera makes up a BIG factor of my consideration of ANY camera that I owned! I am VAIN, shoot me! So for me, the consideration will always be what I LIKE about this camera rather than what I don't like about that the other camera, because a CON is a PRO to another thus 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!' And there will always be a tradeoff in camera ...

The main reason I choose Panasonic Lumix 7

Wide angle at 24MM : This is the FIRST time I be owning a wide-angle compact camera!!! I sacrifice this 'function' when I bought W300 because I wanted W300 Titanium Coating which I never regretted as I can throw W300 anywhere and until today the camera still look SO NEW but the LCD screen is so so scratched hahaha!! I wanted another Titanium casing but there is non at the moment!

AVHD Movie mode plus the capability to zoom and focus in movie mode, and a especially dedicated Movie button which is important for me especially with a DOG who always does funny stuffs!! And a extremely useful HIGH SPEED movie mode!! Woooo ~~~

And lastly is the DESIGN. The rest of the Geeky, technical stuffs I don't really care for because they are more or less similar in other similar level Camera or the main rival Canon S95!

But the one thing I will CONFIRM hate would be the SIZE which seems bulky, I guess I will have to learn to live with that and the manual LENS CAP but then I already purchase a AUTO Lens cap for her, so no problem here BUT the extra cost!

Hopefully I can live with your bulkiness, you white fat ass and thou shall name YOU snow-white, my another 小白机 to match my 小白狗!

PS: I actually regretted getting the 'White' the 2nd day I make the purchase because I suddenly remember how easily the white paint get CHIPPED off after daily usage but Hubs assure me, this will definitely be a 2 year stint, so it doesn't matter how badly chipped it will get, but but but ... Too late for regrets!

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