Monday, December 13, 2010

Tilapia at $2.99/lb, and a new Samsung Laser Printer!

Texas is all LAND LAND LAND, and seafood is not one of the 'COME to Texas' reason! And plus, the wifey me doesn't really know how to cook fish well because fish are very delicate and if not done well will be eeeeky! But slowly I am improving with fish, and Tilapia is one of the 'freshest' fishes I see in Ranch99 market that I frequently visited, but subconciously I know that Tilapia is a very MUDDY tasting fish, and if not prepare well, it will be very MUDDY tasting! So after so many years in Texas, I finally get my first Tilapia!!
My method :
  • Rub the Fish with Sea Salt and marinate, rinse away the salt just before steaming the fish.
  • Put fish to steam, naked.
  • While fish steaming, Fry the Ginger slices with Oil till abit charred
  • Marinate use : Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce and Sugar
  • Pour marinate sauce into Oil and Ginger
  • After steaming the fish for about 10minutes, throw away the 'steam' water that has collected on the fish plate.
  • And replace with the 'Marinate and Ginger', add in Cilantro.
  • And steam for another further 5minutes.

Surprising NO FISHY or MUDDY taste, just yummy tasty Fresh fish!
Going to venture in Chilli with fish soon!
I finally have a Laser Printer, all thanks to Cybermonday at selling for USD39.99 (Free 3 days shipping). Printer specially to print COUPON, hahaha ~

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