Sunday, December 12, 2010

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 White w JJC Auto Lens Cap

Finally SHE IS HERE! TOto is such a busybody, keep scratching my thigh to show him what I am doing on the table. NO choice got to let TOto sniff it out and of course a picture with the 'New kid in the house' before I can continue my project!

AND the camera body is MADE IN JAPAN!
The rest of the post are mostly pictures of the camera and pictures of LX5 with the JJC auto Lens.

Bleah battery MADE in CHINA!

I actually order the Lens cap later but it arrives so much earlier!

Alot bigger than the usual W300 that I am using but I throw the camera into a big bag so doesn't matter if the camera is big or small right? I just need it to be Tough enough for ROUGH USE!
Body of camera seems to be sturdy enough, no matter what; it is made in JAPAN!
The Irony; this is a post about LX5 but the pictures is taken by Sony W300, and my Canon SD780!
More pictures to come ...


  1. sorry if i'm a bit late to the party..but how are you enjoying your lx5? i'm debating between the black and white lx5. (after I was gruelingly deciding between the lx5 and s95)

  2. Hihi,

    I think the biggest difference the 2 is the SIZE and design. If you use AUTO mode more, I suggest u get Panasonic. IF you prefer smaller size and easier to whip out from your bag or pocket or wherever, I suggest Canon.

    Black or white is just personal preference, and I think they do sell the Body sticker for LX5. I guess both are good buys.



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