Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our First White X'mas Tree!

1st X'mas in USA - Travelling across West Coast USA.
2nd X'mas in USA - Moving from hotel to Our current Home.
3rd X'mas in USA - Stuck in Cold cold Denver hotel.

Finally we are here at Home in USA for my 4th Xmas in USA, and able to get our first X'mas tree! I had wanted a even smaller tree but hubby convince me otherwise. Our theme this year is minimum GOLD and BLUE. Hubs say GOLD is sooooo 'auntie'! But after putting up everything, he is convince that the Blue and Gold them is very Modern and 'Contemporary'!

Very minimum ornaments, we know that the prices will plunge once the Season is over, we shall get more 'ornaments' then! ;)

We got our 4ft tree from Walmart for USD25.00!
Hub even got a device to AUTO switch on the tree from 6pm-12pm daily!!


  1. nice! I have been wanting to get 1 also. But decide against it since I got 2 monkeys at home. :P

  2. If they are made to be incharge will the tree survive X'mas?? Keke or if not maybe u get one without the bulbs, then won't be as dangerous keke~



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