Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Christmas Gift for each other ...

Our Christmas gifts are here ...
This is hub Adidas Sunglass, the quality looks good!
And it is made in AUSTRIA ...

My Oakley comes with the BOX and Casing. If I remember correctly, I think the Oakley that we get from Outlet doesn't comes with the Casing. I think we have to top up another USD10 or USD20 bucks to get the hard casing!! And my order came with this Chio White Casing, plus the white Cloth Embossed with Oakley Logo casing as well.

I thought this will be made in China, surprisingly it is Made in USA!
Polarized is usually about USD30-USD40 bucks more expensive with the normal lens. And with the discount it is about USD15.00 more expensive; so hub indulged me!
The word 'Polarized' is carved into the lens??!!

P/S : I not working, actually Hub pays ALL la!

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