Monday, December 27, 2010

Oakley Women's Correspondent Polarized Sunglasses

Finally I get to use the Oakley Women's Correspondent Polarized Sunglasses.
The extra $$ paid for the polarized lens is quite worth the money; the eyes is really comfortable and the Lens view is very LIVE. First time wearing a 'Good' Quality Sunglass not just for the 'Design' of the Sunglass.

Hubs mentioned these are 'Snow' Boarding sunglasses and with my Snow Boarding Merell Outerwear, I look like a Snow Boarder BUT THEN I KNOW NUTS about snowboarding hahaha!


  1. Hey, I really like your sunglasses, I am Trying to get a pair of those but I want them to be polarized as yours, Is it possible for you to tell me the reference of your glasses, or the exact color of the lenses. Thank you ;)

  2. Hey I love your sunglasses they are really nice, Could you please help me about something? Is that I want to buy this glasses but I want them to look like yours, so could you please tell me the exact reference of the glasses or the color of the lenses Please? Thank you. :D

    1. Hey I would really love to help u but I hv lost the receipt and informations. So sorry.



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