Saturday, December 25, 2010

Home Cooked Christmas Lunch - Balsamic Vinegar Lamb Chop

Menu of the Day
Soup : Garlicky Mushroom Soup
Salad : Chopped Tomatoes with Mozarella cheese and Cilantro
Main Entrée : Balsamic Vinegar Lamb Chop
By Chef hubs!

Hubs chased me out of the kitchen but of course, I have to help!
Before helping, I take some time to do myself up for the 'special' meal at home!
We marinated the chops overnight with Balsamic Vinegar and sugar.
Simple but yummmmmy! TOo bad hubs don't have much cooking experience so by the time we start to eat, everything starts to get a little cold. Next time he will get better ...
And the mint jelly that hubs recommend for Lamb Chop really make Lamb Chops yummy! I guess we be having a few more meals of Lamb Chop soon so that hubs can improve!
Proud Hubby!
By the way I did help, the salad is prepare by me ok!
Yummmy! I hope the 'next time' he mention is SOON!

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