Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cotton Patch Cafe

We didn't plan to eat out tonight but since we still have 2 hours to waste before fetching Toto, hubs decide to eat out. Yeah, and we choose COTTON PATCH CAFE. TOday is 23rd, and the whole of Frisco-Stonebriar area are PACK with cars and human-beings! SO MANY last minute shopper! Terrible, maybe all are waiting for last minute deals!
First dish, Plain Bread cannot make it, just normal Buns ...
The restaurant was rather PACKed, alot of the diners are FULL family with their grandparents!
Chubby me san make up and with glasses!
I am so lazy recently, my make up must be growing mushrooms and spiderwebs!
This time round we decide to order ONE Appetiser and ONE Main dish instead of 2 main dishes!
Our appetiser, Jumbo Crispy ’Shrooms; it was ALOT! Next time we should order the 'HALF' portion! It was YUMMY, I wonder why it is not the recommended dish?
Grilled Cajun Duo (with crawfish cream sauce); As Cajun as it gets. Blackened tilapia filet seasoned with Cajun seasonings and 8 grilled shrimp. Topped with our own crawfish cream sauce. Served on a bed of rice. 'ICIBAN'! Really yummmy!

I wonder why people come to Cotton Patch but I understand now. They offer smaller portion, and the food they offer is not too bad with the price offered! TOtally love the shrooms and Grilled Cajun Duo! If not for the yucky bread, I will give it a 10/10 and will totally visit again for days that I don't cook!

But then again I think I will definitely go again!

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