Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cajun food @ Razzoo's

Hubs finally brought me to watched Tangled 3D! I love watching Disney Cartoon, and surprisingly I loves all the songs in the show!! I think so far, Rapunzel is the prettiest and most adorable princess, hahaha ~

Anyway after the movie hubs, brought me to have Cajun food which is right next to Cinemark! It was a new very colourful designed restaurant, and each time we passed by, I would tell hubs, we have to try this Razzoo's Cajun Cafe. Finally ...

My verdict; I love Cajun food, compare to Mexican food! Portion is smaller and it is saltish, and not as cheesy and beany as typical Mexican food!!
Their menu with alot of crocodile cartoon, and I thought they would offer Crocodile meat, hahaha! They have lunch menu special, @ USD7.99 each.
My Prawn and rice combo. A just nice portion with rice, and my favourite Garlic Bread, should have ordered a Cajun Gumbo soup as well right!
Hubs' Pecan Catfish; equally yummmmy! I would have ordered Pecan Fish but Hubs 'chopped' it first, and the rest of the menu are either Chicken's breast or Prawns!
Love the food! Me and hubs finished everything on our plate, and left feeling very satisfied ...
Decor is nice too without the Bear's or Deer's head!
This is more like a Seafood restaurant ...
Not much people in the restaurant, but I foresee myself coming back for MORE!
I am becoming more experimentive with FOOD; that is good news for Hubs!

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