Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black friday Sales 2010

This year we decide to stay out of the 'Midnight Black Friday Sales' RUSH! Every year we will be 'stuck' in a JAM somewhere to drive into a OUTLET at midngiht hours. So this year we only make our move out the house at 9am in the morning.

And we are JUST IN TIME for Bed Bath and Beyond 20% sales till 10.30am!
So the 'Obasan' in me got a new wok.
A new Vaccum that can work with PET fur.
This cost hub USD155.00 after discount, but the first cheapo Vaccum that we bought from the BFS 2 years ago are CHOKED with Pet's fur. So no choice we have to get a better one for our 'health' sake!
Finally got a bag for myself then is not on Sales but just something that I see and quite like, maybe can replace the daily bag that I am using now.

Crocs' event 'Buy one get one free'! These Crocs are already at 'discounted' outlet prices and with the BOGO, each average about USD15.00! Cheap cheap!! Hub looking for a WINTER slip-on so that he can bring TOto downstairs for Toto daily walk and stumble upon Crocs! And he says it is very comfortable!!

We tried the 'Grey' Crocs in SG before and it cost about SGD70.00 then!!
And the BIG WINNER of the year, TOto!!
Look at the amount of stuffs hub bought for TOTO!! SO unfair, we spent so much time in Petsmart and in Tjmaxx looking for his TOY! Even his bag is about the price of MINE! Hahaha, but we have to return that bag because it is too small to 'contain' Toto! Toto is growing HUGE!
Winner of the year in his new bed!!

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