Saturday, October 2, 2010

Contracted officially for FOUR yrs!

SOP; flower, chocolate and buffet at Japan House! Hahaha but then I always felt terrible after eating buffet. The after effects is alway; Indigestion, light headedness, and nauseous and worst case scenario would be FEVER like one hour after the buffet, UNLESS I vomit the food out!! But still I LOVE buffet, but hubby very scare to bring me eat buffet, because IT IS ALWAYS like that ...

I guess my stomach has shrink ALOT!
A bouquet of very pretty flower ...

And hubby trying out his hand to bake a OUT OF A BOX brownie ...

Hahahaha a very HARD Brownie aka BISCUIT! Now he knows although it seems easy but it is NOT AS easy as it seems when you do it yourself!!

And he requested for steamboat on Sunday after a filing BUFFET on Saturday!!
Bleahhhhh effort from hubby, ZERO!


  1. Your hubby so romantic! He is a 好男人!

  2. 好男人 = 闷男人
    Cannot hv the best of both world huh!



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