Friday, September 24, 2010

Home cook food - Century Egg with Minced Pork Porridge

Every change of season, hubby and me sure will fall sick. And this year, first day of fall aka 八月十五, both of us are sick coughing!! Hubby has it worst than me. So porridge usually is the solution for sick cats ...

After researching online, I finally succeed in cooking porridge to the consistency that I like! And hubby say got standard wor! Hahaha, happy ...

Anyway it will be porridge for a few days for the sick cat in the house.
Century egg + Pork Porridge!


  1. Hope you are better already! Take care.

  2. Thanks ..
    Hubby is the coughing culprit, must hv caught the bugs in his office ...

  3. How how how? I tried stove, rice cooker, slow cooker all also cannot get the Cantonese kind, maybe I use wrong grain? Teach me pls?? :P

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  5. @Eve,
    I so long never cook porridge dunno if my memory now is correct or not. But I use my homemade stock either chicken/pork bones to cook normal thai rice. Cook like normal porridge in a pot.

    Bring to boil and then low fire to simmer.

    You have to keep checking and stirring, so that the rice doesnt stick to the bottom. If I never rem wrongly got one blogger she lazy to stir she add a 'ceramic' spoon into her porridge so when the porridge cook, there is movement.

    So long never cook, i think that period of time I prepare alot of porridge until I 'get' it. AND I DIDNT record anywhere how I did it haha. Have to experiment abit.

    I think one of the trick is the 'water' control, cannot too much it become too watery and thin, and cannot too little. So have to pour broth stir and pour broth stir. cannot dry until chao tar, so have to keep checking and stirring.

    When I come back to TX again and prepare porridge I try to record down for u if by then you still yet to get it :) Usually I am in the kitchen baking or doing other stuffs so I didnt really realise exactly what I do ...

    When the porridge cools down and get too sticky, I add more broth to thin them too ...



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