Thursday, September 30, 2010

American 30% off Clearance, add+ 20%

30% off Clearance and further 20% overall!!
Wooooo, nice!

AE has very nice quality material for their Tees and we love it especially at a steep DISCOUNT!

I got myself 5 pieces!

And prepare WINTER Long sleeve Tee for hubby!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crocs is here!

Our Crocs flip flops are here!
Very light and cooling, money well spent, we wouldn't have got it @ USD19.00 per pair but with the discount, HURRAY!
Good pair of light weight slipper to bring to the GYM or to the POOL or to the Beach! Or even a spare pair of flipflop in the car!

Home Cook Food - All in a Day work!

Today, I seems to be cooking for ALOT of people with the amount of WORK for ONE meal!! I always PLAN for 2 meal a day and hubby always MISS his lunch, and then all the 'fresh' food would turn stale ...

So I don't care and carry on with my PLAN to finish whatever that is on the menu!

Minced Pork + Chopped Chestnut + Chopped Dry Shitake Mushroom + Chopped Dry Fungus + Chopped Cilantro + Soy Sauce, Salt, Cornflour, Sugar, Shaoxing, Sesame Oil = Asian Minced Pork Meat ball!
Repeated the Black Bean Sauce Spare-ribs but added the Dry fungus!
I steam the meatball and turned it into Meatball Soup with cabbage!
All these WORK for ONE meal and ONE person ...
Really wash till I scared ...
Too much work!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Home Cooked food - Black Bean sauce Spare-ribs +++

I have gotten some spare-ribs and initially wanted to cooking Bak Kut Teh but decide to get 'creative' and search online for Spare-ribs + Black bean sauce! Yeah, you can find ANYTHING online nowadays. You can find NOT ONLY recipes but VIDEOS too!!! The wonderful world of INTERNET, what will I do without you!?

Black bean sauce tasted sweet and sourish, but after mixing up with Soy sauce, Shaoxing wine and sugar it tasted yuuuummmmmmieeee! It roughly goes; Marinate the spare-ribs with above-mentioned sauces, Pan-fried the Spare-ribs, remove. Then add chopped garlic in wok, fry till golden and add in spare-ribs and marinate sauce. I additionally added beef stripe and beech mushroom into the pot and water to cook till spare rib melts in the mouth!
Hubby is a lazy eater, so if I dump everything in a bowl, he will unknowingly EAT ALOT!!
Wahahahahahaha ~

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cake from a Box - Betty Crocker Lemon!

I have tried muffins, and brownie; this is the first time I tried cake! And that is because I finally gotten a hand-mixer! My virgin try in USA hahaha, and a easy one! The first tray CRACKED because of the uneven temperature in my oven, and for the 2nd tray I pushed it further in and I got a better EVEN bake cake!! Nice. I know this is a NO FAIL cake but then I am still excited, everyone got to start somewhere right!?? And hopefully this is a 'GOOD' start for my baking adventure ...

My small and Old oven, that can only bake ONE tray!!

after 1hr plus, the whole room smells of Lemonnny ...
This is the 2nd cake, looks so much better!
I have to get a weighing scale and try the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake Next!

Finally FALL is here ...

My weekend at the Loft at Watter Creeks @ Allen. I love ALLEN, I want to move there! I am at ALLEN almost every weekend! The area is so pet friendly! There is Patio at alot of restuarant, so TOto can eat at restaurant with us but we have not really try that idea ...
But we still prefer Home cook ...
Nothing compare to Home Cook Food with love ...
And a view to KILL for ...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Home cook food - Century Egg with Minced Pork Porridge

Every change of season, hubby and me sure will fall sick. And this year, first day of fall aka 八月十五, both of us are sick coughing!! Hubby has it worst than me. So porridge usually is the solution for sick cats ...

After researching online, I finally succeed in cooking porridge to the consistency that I like! And hubby say got standard wor! Hahaha, happy ...

Anyway it will be porridge for a few days for the sick cat in the house.
Century egg + Pork Porridge!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

CROCS ABF™ Single Molded Flip

After the clearance price + discount code and FREE SHIPPING, it comes down to about 1 pair for US$8.49! Originally it is selling for US$19.90 and now tt is cheaper than the walmart slipper I gotten to wear at home or to gym!! Although there is no such need for slippers but the offer is too cheap to pass it off!

Even hubby wants a pair of it, hahaha ~
In the end spent US$16.98 for 2 pair of Crocs slipper!
Hopefully both the sizes fit!
Note :
HEALTHMAG - Additional 15% discount
FALLSHIP - Free Shipping Offer

A eventful weekend ...

This meal is SO OBVIOUS right!? Yeah we are at IKEA for their meatballs! But the real reason we are there is because, I was there to see see look look at Ikea bakeware. I am 'collecting' my bakware to plunge into 'BAKING'!
And also to get Mooncake, can you image this is selling for USD39.90 here! So ONE big round piece is USD10 buckaroos! So 1/8 of a piece is like USD1.25! So don't complain the mooncake in SG is EXPENSIVE OK!
Sunday we brought our 'bao bei' Toto to SWIMMING!
Exciting huh!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Home Cook Food - Cabbage and Chicken!

We have been eating 台湾卤肉饭 for TOO MANY days hahaha! Even when I present this, Ginger Sesame Oil Chicken for hubby he say it taste almost the same!
Bleah ...

Dried shrimp, cabbage with vermicilli and Ginger sesame chicken with mushroom!

Monday, September 13, 2010

台湾卤肉饭 Yummmm ~

We just cannot get enough, it is too addictive!
We have that for consecutively 2 days for lunch and dinner; even supper for hubby! But no worries, we have MORE to last at least for another 3 days, hahahaha ~

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Taiwan Braised Pork Belly! 台湾卤肉饭 ...

台湾卤肉饭 is like the national food of Taiwan; something like Nasi Lemak of Singapore huh! Anyway, after researching online, I have been nagging to hubby that I am going to try out this dish!

When we were living in Taiwan, I didn't have the chance to try out 'REALLY' good 台湾卤肉饭, and one bowl of rice rinsed with tiny wee bit of the 卤肉 is VERY EXPENSIVE and rather bland! From that one bad experience, I didn't try that ever and always wonder what is the BIG Hooooo haaaaa of Taiwanese version of 卤肉.

I decide to give it another chance since hubby LOVE LOVE fatty pork! There are alot of different versions and special 'pepO' online but the basics ingredient would be; Pork Belly or Minced Pork, Dried Mushroom, Chopped Shallot and Garlic, Chinese Wine, Soy Sauce and Sugar.

I do not follow ingredient to the T and mostly I just 'aga aga' and taste my way out. Seriously I do not even know how a great 台湾卤肉 taste like ...

So blindly here is how it goes ...

Add in the blanch pork and then all the 'sauces' and hard boil eggs ...
'Sauces' included; Soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, Soy sauce paste, Sugar ...
Lastly add water to cover everything and cook on small fire for one hour till meat is tender and soft!
There is ALOT of chopping and the whole thing took me a 1 FULL hour to prepare, but the result is YUMMMMMY! Sticky sweet Pork belly sauce for white rice, hopefully this big pot can last me for a few days!! I know my recipe is very choppy, but there are easy to follow recipe all over the internet, try it out!

Like that how to lose weight huh!?

I bought about 850gram of Pork Belly. I cut the Pork into cube and blanch it in hot water. Next, chopped up the mushroom, shallot and Garlic. I fry the shallot first, took it out and then add in the garlic, and mushroom, and throw in the fresh fried shallot again. I also bought a tub of Pre-fried shallot to ADD in, I LOVE fried shallot! ...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Heels HERE!

There are GORGEOUS, alot better than I have expected! The risk I took on the white heel is SOOOOOO SOOOOO sooooooooo WORTH it! And I thought the straps would be biting on my FAT ankle but everything fit just FINE!
This pair of Michael Antonio Women's heels are Killer HIGH but I love it, hahaha I doubt I could walk for more than half and hour in this KILLER heels but they are too gorgeous. I LOVE it! I guess I have to do MORE heels shopping, and I have already BOOKMARK quite some Michael Antonio's heel!
These brown wedges are so 70s but they are really COMFY with the spongy base. This pair, I might be able to walk in HOURS. A very comfortable height and soft leather!
Mad Happy!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Sometimes it is just meeting the RIGHT person, at the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT time.

And for me it is just that person who can make me smile.

And alot of people, just complicate the situation with 'Chemistry, Height, Weight, Face, Eye, Legs, Breast, Bank, Occupation, Cars or their Imaginery long list of ideals ...

At the end of the day, he/she should be the one who can make you laugh and smile ..
Relationship nowadays are getting too complicated!
Ermmmmm, can this article earn me a Goldilocks™ 'Ribbon' Necklace from YQ?

@ SGD580.00, ok for a 4yr ROM Anni Gift right?
Maybe should add 2 small diamond at the edge of the diamond, wahahahahahaa ~

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sep already, another F21!

This week is supposed to be Labor day weekend! LONG WEEKEND ...
But hubby was working very HARD last week, clocking alot of OT, so he is granted OFF to stay home to rest for this 3 days! And of course, he need to compensate the wife by letting her SPREE on F21 right!?

It started out with a email saying that there will be FREE SHIPPING on any amount, so I inform a gf who wanted some cami tops from F21! SHE is lucky because that is a ONE DAY event and she is ONLINE! Just nice ...

And both of us get like 11 pieces of camis!

Long, short, blue, black, grey, white, ivory etc etc etc!!
Camisoles there is cheap, like about USD2.50 to USD4.50, I likey! It is especially good for layering in winter!

But other then Cami, I lost control and ...
The black (racerback) dress is like USD14.99, and when you see such pricing for a FULL dress, You cannot don't get it right!? Hahahaha! Fall/Winter is coming very soon, and I want to get myself PREPARED, plus I might be visiting Taiwan in NOV! Erm not confirm yet, but travelling in Nov sure will be COLD, I want to PREPARE for WINTER!! Wahahahaha ~

In the end we didn't need the Free shipping coupon, duh ...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yummy healthy breakfast ...

Grilled wholewheat w honey sandwich with; Tomato, Ham and cheese!
Advantages of having a Grill; having breakfast that look so prof, haha ~


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