Friday, August 13, 2010

Wetseal 'accident'!!

I guess it is the 'Back to School' period, there are so many cute casual rompers and dresses!! I love Rompers, they are so convenient, especially for me to wear and bring TOto for his run in Dog park!!
9 pcs for about USD 90.00, ok right?
Erm quite reasonable to me leh!!
Hahaha, talking to myself, convincing myself they are quite cheap ...

So many accidents online these few days huh ...


  1. nice.. nice... I like rompers and dresses too. But now tummy flappy and alot of fats, I got to be careful in choosing the clothes le. :(

    I think the amt spent is very very reasonable. :) keke.. and you know what???? we got the same interest.. shopping shopping shopping!!!!

  2. Oh please you LOOK GOOD LO!! hahaha ~~ I can;t wait for the clothes to arrive!!



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