Monday, August 16, 2010 shoes R Here!

Heee first delivery of the week is HERE!!!

TOto the Busybody Dog, he wants a piece of the shoes too!! He is matchy matchy with my white BCBG Sandals hahahaha ...

The BCBG Sandal wedges look exactly like shown online, luv ~
The wedges is not too high, I prefer it HIGHER!
Soft leather, the birkenstock madrid seems to be smaller size compare to the previous that I bought, so weird. But still it is wearable.
Ok BERY BERY worth!
In USA, my feet is a 6.5, so when there is only 6 or 7, then I am in a very STUCK situation! Hahaha die die have to choose 7 and it will be a tad too big!

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