Friday, August 20, 2010

Aug Spree : Wetseal & F21 is here!

Arrival is delayed by ONE day, but they are here. And this time round, there is minimal return, heeee happy! But I am really fat, my jeans that I gotten last year when I was in Denver was a tad tooooooo TIGHT, cannot wear ALREADY!!

Dieting, NEXT WEEK!!!

These are the Returns for Wetseal, and also will be returning 2 leggings from F21. Me is fat cannot squeeze into their Small tight Leggings!! I love the LACE top but then there is a stain on it, I wonder if I can do a exchange instead of a return!

Quality of the clothes are very bad and I refer to such clothes as 'disposables', wear a few times can throw le! If not maybe if I use my HAND to wash it can wear a few more times!!

I hate my CHUNKY Leg!
(Should have put on some make up but too lazy!!)

The white ROMPER is very transparent, haiz if not it is VERY sweet hor! Nevermind, this will be categorise under 'Beachwear'! And the Stripey sailor lookalike dress was a SURPRISE! I thought that, that would be a RETURN, but I look surprisingly OK in that dress!!

I love dress but I seldom have the opportunity to wear these! Usually I have to wait to get back to Singapore before I have to wear all these dresses to have hi-tea and La kopi with the girls!!


  1. haha.. you must be feeling excited opening up the parcels!!!!

    I always can't wait to tear open the parcels and try my loots ;P

  2. But then hor when alot cannot wear have to return then very sianx already hahaha ~ but this round I am very lucky!!

  3. NICE lei!!! not bad ah the clothes.. my thigh getting MORE chunky sia.. jialat

  4. please lo haha from ur photos cannot see u put on weight also la!!

  5. nice nice!!!! ;)The sailor dress suit you!

  6. Thanks for the compliment wor, that dress is a nice surprise la, i getting less and less adventurous with dresses ahaha, hubby always say my dress 10000 and ONE design nia!!



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