Wednesday, June 30, 2010

叶问前传The Legend is Born - Ip Man(2010)

It has been so long since I paid for a Hong Kong based movie.
And this is Definitely worth every cents! I love the martial arts chereography! It looks so real and not as exaggerated as MOST gongfu movies. Plus throughout the shows there are lot of hilarious comical scene that are so unexpected from a Gongfu movies which seems like  a memoir of Ye wen! Such a pity YQ cannot join me for this movie, HE WOULD have love it too!

Definitely a 5/5!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Voyage de Lavie @ Sentosa Resort World

Right after Repo Men, I am invited to Voyage de Lavie ! I was just looking at the Tv advertisement when Yvonne send me an online message regarding the free tickets that she had! Hahaha, I was lucky to be online at the right time on the right place!! I thought hey, this feels like the 'KA' Cirque de Soliel show that we watched in Vegas, and extracted from website :

The creator Mark Fisher designed the theatre, scenery and acrobatic effects for “KÀ”, the permanent show by Cirque du Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas,
So I had high expectations on the show ...
Our seats thou free were great, just right next to the VIP seatings!
Entrance were right next to the Casino which we have to pay SGD100 to visit!
I thought that the organising of entrance were quite messy and there is no official annoucement for early entrance, thou if you go in early there is a performance by a few of the main artiste to entertain the crowd.
I am wrong to have such high expectations on the show, it was of course less impressive than the one we see in Vegas; in ALL ASPECT! But what you pay is what you get? Plus Show in Vegas has been going on for years and this is the 'First' such show in Singapore? Hopefully it will get better ...

But for people who hasn't see shows in Vegas, it will look impressive because of the combination of theatre and Arcobatics act! So it wouldn't be as boring, and such shows cater to the old and the young!! Hey NO RA performance here!
And there is a Soccer Madness event just right at the other end of Resort World!
Make up of the day which I shouldn't have done because I was so tired! By the time I reached RW with this makeup, it was all blotched!! Plus I look fat in the dress I wore! Wardrobe and make up malfunction on a VERY tiring Jetleg me, hahaha ...
The show a tad boring for me, but hope it works out for the rest ...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Alyssa Birthday and Marina Sands

First stop of the day, Alyssa birthday ...
Last year we attended her birthday, she is still all wrapped up and in the arm of her 'kaka'!
And now she is all grown, very active,  responsive and happy!!
The gals ...
We decide to walk over to Marina Sands ...
A rare appearance of my Coach Karla's clutch which look so small on me!! The real Karla must be really TINY because the bag looks so much bigger and wider on HER!
Inside Marina Sands ...
We ended in Bugis for this dinner, and yeah it look as good as it is on picture!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

8D Jiuzhaiguo Fairyland Autumn Best - Hong Thai Travel

It was rather difficult for us to arrange a date for this holiday. My brother can only leave after the 9th of July and I have to come back before 23 July so we can only leave for ANY tour that is leaving on this open window!!

I initially wanted to plan on Beijing and Xi'an for Great Wall of China and Terracota Soldiers! Too bad, Jiuzhaigou is always my NEXT best choice anyway. Plus my mother should be very interested with the Hakka Village!

I have alway been very reluctant to visit China till because of the HORROR TOilet's stories that I have heard!! But then for the LOVE of my mom ...

Only Hong Thai have a package that can be form for this period, and with 9pax it is a small and cosy group! Hopefully ALL the terrible stories I heard about China Tour doesn't happen!!

We be flying via Silkair and per pax with all the taxs and charges comes up to about SGD1,576.00 per pax which also include the tips of the tour guide!! (nt including insurance which comes up to about SGD54.00) And there would be optional tours in China which cost roughly SGD130.00. Hahaha, all the HIDDEN cost huh!

11 Jul 2010 - 18 Jul 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010


First thing I touched down SG and while I was online, I am being invited to attend a premiere screening of a movie REPO man, complimentary of I was out of the house 12hours after the 6am touched down!! TIRED ...

Rating:‘M18 - Matured 18’
Consumer Advice:Violence and sexual scene
From the Synopsis....
In the futuristic action-thriller Repo Men, humans have extended and improved our lives through highly sophisticated and expensive mechanical organs created by a company called The Union. The dark side of these medical breakthroughs is that if you don’t pay your bill, The Union sends its highly skilled repo men to take back its property…with no concern for your comfort or survival.

Jude Law plays Remy, one of the best organ repo men in the business. When he suffers a cardiac failure on the job, he awakens to find himself fitted with the company’s top-of-the-line heart-replacement…as well as a hefty debt. But a side effect of the procedure is that his heart’s no longer in the job. When he can’t make the payments, The Union sends its toughest enforcer, Remy’s former partner Jake (Academy Award® winner Forest Whitaker), to track him down.

Now that the hunter has become the hunted, Remy joins Beth (Alice Braga), another debtor who teaches him how to vanish from the system. And as he and Jake embark on a chase across a landscape populated by maniacal friends and foes, one man will become a reluctant champion for thousands on the run.

I surprisingly like the movie, it was not OVERLY futuristic that the whole plot seems impossible. In the future, this situation looks so real. And it reflects the 'Positive' and 'Negative' sides of the situation and to think of it, it looks scarily REAL! Everyone wants to LIVE ON but at what price? Ultimately only the RICH people can live on, while people who cannot afford will FIGHT on.

Alot of fighting and killing scene for the MEN, with all the blood and explosion! yadda yaddda yaddaaa ...

BUTT, I was quite dissappointed with the ENDING, NO doubt we are all being caught unaware but then ...
This ending belongs to ONE OF THE KIND of movie ending I hated most, because it is such a waste of time to know in the end it was nothing but just a dream or the worst case scenario, ALIEN abduction! Baaaaaaaahhhhhh ~Not going to spoil everyone with the ending, go watch it. That ending makes the movie a tad too draggy!

Nevertheless a movie which lets you take a peep into a realistic future!
Another reason to watch, JUDE LAW, Hot hot hot ...

Karla's Clutch is HERE!!

The bag is here, and Toto absolute LOVE the bag!!
The leather smell is soooooooooo STRONG! He is more excited than me! Hahahaha, he rub his body on the bag like snoopy!!
Toto is more excited than me ...
The bag is smaller than I expected and HEAVIER because of the metal strap.
Yet to have a chance to use it, so don't know how practical is the bag ...
Hopefully I get to take a picture with the bag soon ...

Taste of home - for the week!

Laksa, and RARE VERY fresh 番薯叶, that I found in Hmart!!
Things we take for granted at home, is RARE delicacy here!!
GROSS to cook, but so YUMMMILICIOUS, that I have to eat OIL FATTY pork! I still hoping to lose abit of weight before I go back, BUT hmmmmmm so hard to resist all these YUMMMMY food!

Hubby has to wait for another 1.5months before he have any HOME COOK food!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A new 26" Samsonite 4 wheels Luggage!

I am looking around for a 26inch luggage to replace one of the luggage which I have! That luggage has already CRACK. The OLD luggage is very well travelled, he has been to Taiwan, USA, Bangkok, Korea, and Phuket. So, I think it is time for him to retired and get a new replacement. (Luggage TO ME is a HE, don't ask me why, hahaha ...)

And I finally find this on clearance, at USD49.99!
Woooooooo, CHEAP!
So many luggage to go home for ONE and a half month!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

F21 Returnsssss

As usual almost more than 50% of the stuffs are return!! And I hate returning stuffs in F21, the staffs always give you a very impatient and unwilling to do attitude. WHAT THE HELL!! They are not refunding me CASH, only refunding in F21 CREDIT! I still have to spend the refunded money in store, why the FUCK they give such attitude, I HATE that!! It was a USD100plus purchases here!! I don't think I deserve such attitude.

On the same day I went to AMERICAN EAGLE to do some return, the staffs there are TOTALLY different!! She even 'APOLOGISE' to me, saying 'SO sorry things doesn't work out!' PLUS AE are returning in CASH!

F21 really has some WAKING up to do! It is not my fault that the dress has zipper problem or the stitch is loose!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taste of Home - Char Kway Teow!!

It will never be the same without the 'see hum' (cockles)!
But when u are in the U of the S and the A, this is the best we have!
Love this dish but it is so sinfully WRONG!

The kway teow have to be cooked using Pad thai as well!

Abercrombie happy shorts ...

I know it is not for long, but it is good when it lasted!
I am so surprised when 26 actually felt abit lose ...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lost in F21

It is so hard to get stuffs in STORE, more like a lucky draw! There are usually One or TWO pieces of that one design and only when I am IN LUCK, I can find my sizes there. SO NO CHOICE, I have to get what I want online and return stuffs that I do not want. And F21 only provide store credit refund! And SO I still have about USD30.00 credit from F21 from all my returns.

Hub commented, I am going to have more returns on the card from this batch as well! :P

1st Coach of 2010 - Karla's Clutch!

I did it, and went down to store and order it!
'Free shipping' to home when you go down to store and have the staff order it for you!
I am so excited, I KEPT telling myself 'NO MORE COACH' in 2010, but I just cannot forget this clutch cum sling bag! Very unisex, very me, SIMPLE, girly and boyish! TOTALLY My style !!!
This is exclusively sold online and not available in store.

A versatile clutch with great attitude. Vintage-inspired and very now.
•Premium leather with nappa leather trim
•Antique Brass turnlock closure
•Detachable leather and chain shoulder strap
•Interior zip pocket
•14” (L) x 9” (H) x 1 ½” (W)

Looking very similar to this design by Mulberry ...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Loveculture is ONLINE!

As compare to the store, it carries so much lesser stuffs! But then I need to show my support!

It shows a 10 percent discount to my overall purchase but the shipping is a downer, so the 10 percent discount sort of knock out the shipping, so ....

Hopefully like all others compeititor they offer FREE SHIPPING soon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sony NEX-3 / NEX-5 and Coach Karla's Clutch

OMG, Sony has come out with their own mini Micro Four Thirds mirrorless system DSLR, Sony Nex 5/3!
MY WAIT Is all worth while!!!
LAO GONG, SAVE UP and RED COLOUR, woooooooooooooo ~~~
And Coach has collaborated with a few bloggers to come out with some ONLINE bags, and my favourite is the new limited edition new KARLA’S CLUTCH that can be used as a sling, I LOVE its simple design. But abit dissappointed that there is only ONE colour. I wonder if Coach will come up with a few more other colour. Should I wait?
Hahahaha ~

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taste of Home - Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry is one of hubby favourite HOME FOOD!
How authentic can we get of home cook food?
Roti Prata with Chicken Curry and a CUP OF ICE MILO!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

6D5N Texas Adventure with a friend from Singapore!

A friend came visiting and in the short days he was here ...

And what to do in Texas Dallas, SHOPPING OF COURSE!!
To my left and right, 20minutes drive, I have Allen Premium Outlet and Simons Grapevine Mill!

First shopping heaven, Allen Premium ...
And Grapevine Mills

Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas Downtown ...
Mexican Dinner
San Antonio Sea World
All American Themepark Food, COKE and TURKEY LEG!
While waiting for AZUL show to start ..
A short stop at San Antonio Riverwalk
And of course San Marcos Prime Outlet!!
Fort Worth Stock Yard to watch LONG HORN parade
How can you come to Dallas without taking a photographs with a OLD COWBOY right!

A visit to Glenrose, SAFARI Zoo; Fossil Rim
6D5N Adventure in Texas!!


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