Sunday, February 21, 2010

Asian Superstar Cafe

When we stepped in  the cafe, we hear SHE Song!
Mad right? I am so excited hahahaha. Typical, Hongkies Restaurant and food is very LOCAL. At least the recipes are authentic enough and not tweet to adhere to ang moh's taste! Hahaha there isn't any 'Orange chicken' or 'Teriyaki Beef', hahaha ...

And, Chrysanthemum Tea for a start ...
These are some of my favourite Item and the price of Dim Sums are about USD2.20 - USD3.95.
Yesh 5 FINGERS up! I love Dim Sum, FULL STOP!
Looks good right, maybe better than some Singapore's Dim Sum that I have tasted because their 'ingredient' are very packed and REAL! You know it is NOT factory produced! Singapore Dim Sum restaurant, tsk tsk (shake finger)...

I am not a food expert so I might be wrong, but this is good enough for ME.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sat here and there ...

I finally have a place where I can have acceptable Salmon Sushi!
Not cheap as well but the Salmon is fresh!
Our new hobby, slack around in Borders with a cup of Ice Mocha!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Small Coach Purse

I keep telling myself NO MORE COACH bags!
I still have alot of totally NEW bags at home that I have NO CHANCE to use. And by HOME, I mean Singapore home and USA home! *slap forehead*!! We were going to Outlet @ Castlerocks supposedly to look for some kitchen stuffs to DIY for a Puppy Pee Pan, but I cannot help but go into Coach Outlet to see see look and look and got myself a small Pink Girly purse to replace the Hand-me-down from YQ, Kenneth Cole wallet!
See the side by side, a 'MANLY' black wallet and a cutie pink purse!
Cannot resist right, hahaha ~

Sudden Snow

A 2 inch snow over the night ...
It was a sudden snow, we didn't even realised it until we woke up in the afternoon!!
Ya on Valentine's day, we didn't have ANY plan! So we woke up about 3pm, and by the time we start to leave the hotel, it is already about 4pm. So drove out, walk walk here walk walk there and go back to hotel!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Colorado Dog Show!

Off to the Colorado Dog show!
There are 2 Stadium, one for 'Show Dogs' and one for 'Agility'.
Entrance is USD5.00 per pax and Parking USD7.00!
Saw this SUPER CUTE Westie in the grooming area!
This is a 16month bitch so cute, I want to go and hug her!!
Hopefully my puppy will be as cute as fluffy as her!
Us in the Agility show wasting time to pass ...
I lost some weight, so HAPPY!
Hope to lose more ...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cookbook from Borders

Omg, I gotten these step-bystep cookbooks from Borders! NOT all the steps are show but there are still pictures for some of the steps but these are more than enough to help if I am feeling adventurous and motivate me to try some of the dish! I totally hate dishes that are just wordy, especially when we can just google for recipe online! Recipes books should be heavily pictured, if not what is the point?
And the best part? Each book is USD2.99 ONLY ...
But I cannot cook now, got to wait till I get back to The Colony to try the dishes! Maybe I shall have a new project by trying each of the dish ONE BY ONE!

Our new project ...

This is in the planning.
We have been talking about it for 5years! We both love love westie! No reason, just a weird love for this particular breed! Hubbie mentioned that maybe now is the best time to get it, since I be at home most of the time, I will have ALOT Of time to toilet trained and give lots of love and attention to a dog!! And by the time we have to go back to SG maybe it will be very well trained! In the end I don't know whether the whole thing will go through like what we have planned but hopefully everything goes through AS planned! If it is successful, we have an update on it in APRIL.

(Picture credit to Spring Chateau Ranch)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend with nothing much to do!

Yeah yeah yeah, finally the weather is good!! Warm enough to have some humidity so that the makeup stick more naturale!  It was supposed to be a 2 weeks trip but it seems like a never end extension, and I really didn't bring much 'toy' to play around!

We were supposed to have some excursion to Colorado Spring but the Final for Australia Tennis Open this weekend and hubby is a SPORTS FANATIC, so he has to stay up in the middle of the night to watch TENNIS, especially sunday when Federrer 'play' Murray! So we couldn't wake up in the morning to make the drive down. So we just drive around denver for some shopping here and there ...

Natural everyday brownie smokey look yeah ~
This is our hotel from the opposite side of the road!
The only one and only building on this stretch of the road!
We have been playing around this idea for a few weeks and doing ALOT ALOT of research! Alot of cost is involved, not only $$$. Alot of time and effort as well plus we are always moving around the country, so is this move viable? We are checking out the most important factor, going IN and OUT of SG is it difficult? But there is a new regulation of a 10days quarantine now so .....
Still considering ...

In Borders reading for FREE, hahaha~
Hubby happy because he is seated on a comfy sofa, me sulking because I have to sit on a hard wooden stool, painful butt!
Cheap buy! One and only in the store for USD5.00!
BCBG Dress ...
I guess I missed Singapore too much, it is impossible to wear such ROMPER here!
What am I thinking!!!
Anyway spent some money and felt better!


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