Thursday, January 28, 2010


Alot of my girlfriends has tickers for all their important dates and one of my girlfriend just had a 444, and guess what I realised that today in Singapore is our ,

3 Years 3 Months 3 Weeks and 3 Days!

So weird!

Hahaha, since the number is so 'sui' (beautiful), don't know got present or not hor!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dim Sum Craving in Denver!

After one week of eating in the hotel we are sosososososo SICK of the food here.
I am not saying that the food is bad, the food is very basic. And the meal plan provided are alternating plus we have the same breakfast EVERYDAY! I didn't mention but the hotel, Drury Hotels , we chose this time provide breakfast and dinner. SO once weekend COMES, I want CHINESE FOOD BADLY! And after surfing we found this Empress Seafood Restaurant has very high ratings and was one of the TOP 100 USA Overall Excellence award. (woooooohhhh~)

The exterior of the restaurant is very 80ish and once inside we can hear that all the stuffs are speaking in Cantonese and they can converse in Chinese as well. The settings and the MUSIC in the background are all so 80s, the songs they play are cantonese songs by Anita Muen etc! So nostalgic, hahaha ~

We arrived about 2pm and there is not much people, maybe about 5 tables around and we when we were seated the trolley is just next to us. So we needn't have to wait long for the dim sums!

The Dim Sum are mostly USD2.25 per plate, they are other orders like Plate of Roast Duck USD5.00 , 糯米鸡 USD3.50 etc. Overall I find that the price is rather reasonable and the food is Satisfying! It has been such a long time since I had a 'Satisfying' chinese food experience. It is VERY LOCAL, very CHINESE and it doesn't seems like the 'recipe' has been tweaked for Ang moh! I would definitely come again if I stay here longer!
5 dish in total for USD18.27 before tips, reasonable!
Surprisingly the place is NOT CROWDED, hahaha maybe the taste is TOO LOCAL!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Convert to Mac?

Hubby is trying to convert me to MAC, should I?

Light and SLIM!
OMG, wooooo orgamsmic ~~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snowless in Denver!!

So far they ain't no SNOW yet!

But I don't think such days will last LONG ~

But don't be dupe by the photographs, NO SNOW doesn't mean NOT COLD!

No reason but I want to spend $$$

NO reason, I just need to go shopping to feel good.
Spend money on dress that I only wear at home and feel good.
Buy KILLER HEELS that I use only at home to parade about.
Get Accessories that I think it is so troublesome to wear out!
Splurge on LIPSTICK that I ALWAYS keep in drawers
AND finally store TONS on eyelash that I 'Trial' on and NEVER use it OUTDOOR!

WTF, I just want to spend MONEY on useless stuffs to make myself feel good!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get out of my life GXQ!

Warning :
Strong words and feelings USED. If you are not used to Vulgarity and STRONG HARD feelings, 'DO NOT READ ON'!

You know how u want to avoid people by changing all your nick online hoping to just be able to write openly again and yet hoping that the people you don't wish can find you, but you find out they FOUND YOU!

WTF, when they try to 'CLOSE' their own world and yet still want to pry into other peoples' life?

YAH Get the Fxxk out, even if I do forgive YOU.
I won't be able to FORGET how you 'betray' your own GIRL FRIEND + OWN SISTER + MENTOR because of a WORTHLESS man who just want to FUCK YOU and toss you aside! Ya biatch ~

Never have I felt so betrayed in my life because I could have given her anything to help her, to 扶 (support) her but in the end she turn around and STAB me in the back.

And I thought that she is sincere to patch things up with me to let me find out she JUST WANT to make use of the LAST BIT of love I have for her to get photographs from me!

People don't get it? Ya, she faked trying to patch things up with me by being nice and started chatting to me, but her ultimate goals was to get a batch of photographs from me. 2-headed right!

I never have guess someone who I look after and see her grow up would become such a biatch and 2-headed.

Good riddance.

Karma will turn around and bite you back! Hope your bestie will one day turn around and betray you like you did! LOOK OUT FOR YOUR OWN BACK!

P/S: Paiseh for the burst out, I have very little 'faith' in the term friendship thus I do not have much friends, all thanks to people like her. And when I get betray, I felt very hurt especially because of a UNDESERVED Man. And if she feels that it is worth it, GOOD LUCK to her. But don't use A JERK to hurt me like that!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Resolution for my JUNKS hobby!

  1. Me is going to FINISH ALL my Moisturiser, which include body, hand, face, oil, gel whatever BEFORE I buy new ones!

  2. Travelling wise, more of South America and one REALLY exotic countries, maybe like South Africa!?

  3. Make up, I try to do more, but I am not going out MUCHIE!

  4. Excercise, Yesh I should DO MORE, but it is COLD now and my butt is LAZY. I need to stay very STILL to fight the COLD!

  5. This year I hope I can explore BAKING!!

  6. Learn ESPANOL! Hola!!

This has been my goal for the last 30plus years of my life, every year I have another 5kg to lose hahaha!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Going back to Snowland!

This weekend we will be heading towards the Denver again
Hopefully it will REALLY be 2 weeks!

I hate the COLD!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review : NH Krystal Hotel - AWESOME!

I think NH Krystal Hotel was the first few hotel to have their beach restore after Hurricanes blew away most of their sands! We didn't know that until we booked the hotel, and our reaction was OMG! But we were lucky that this hotel 'beach' is already restored!! So beach-front property doesn't EQUATE to meaning having a SANDY beach right infront of your hotel!

We have to pay USD15.00 per night before tax for a upgrade to 'Sea-View' room thinking that most of the time we will be out for our TOUR and there is no point of having our room upgrade for 5 Days!

We did pay an extra USD150.00 per pax to arrive to CANCUN in an earlier flight but when we reached the hotel around 1pm, our room was not ready yet and we waited till about 3pm before our room was ready but we are not dissappointed by it. We have an UPGRADE to a seaview room! OMG the room view and sound was breath-taking! AWESOME!

The room was NEW and CLEAN. The bed was firm, pillow was good! Look at all the features, LCD TV, Safe, even a designer sofa, Balcony that faces the sea and a very clean toilet. But I wish that there is a BATH TUB! Downer ...

There are no free Bottle Drink because the hotel water was 'Filtered and Purified'. We didn't try our luck, we bought our water from their LOCAL Convenient store, OXXO which was a short walk away!
Because of the UPGRADE of 'Sea View' room, we didn't want to go down and lie at the POOL! Hahaha, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the room and spend ALOT of time 'falling' asleep listening to the waves! We love the room so much we didn't want to go out! We even buy food back most of the time for our meals because we want to eat our meal, SEA VIEW too hahahaha!
WOULD EVER come back again, YES!
Please note the hotel is just a 3minute walk to the 'Forum' Shopping Center which has several fastfood, a small foodcourt, hardrock cafe, restaurants and a few discotheques as well! OH and right opposite the hotel is a small cafe resturant by Walmart 'ZIP' which sell decent food at a decent price!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review : VS

Going Mexico, Cancun was a very last minute decision and there wasn't alot of time for me to do research but  'Chichen Itza' is something we are definitely doing.

So we try to surf around the web for the best deal including 'transfer'. We wanted everything to be prepared so that we needn't sweat when we reach. Because abit of research sort of helps when you are tight for time. You don't want to reach and be 'SWARMED' with too much informations once you touch down in their airport or being 'snatch' away by TIME VACATION people!

Ultimately it came down to 2 online agency for our tour, ' ' and ' '. We booked our 'flight and hotel' through And through, we saw that most of the tour package online from hotwire are provided by

But after comparing the tour packages, emotioncancun provides a 'Celebration Combo Chichen Itza Ruins Plus Tour + Xcaret Plus Ecowater Park' for USD179.00 which saves about USD40plus per pax!

AND I try surfing around for the websites review and they aren't alot but I did find one who mentions them and her family has successfully GONE on the trip with the agency which she booked through her agency from USA!

OK, after booking it online, and we didn't recieved any confirmation, we tried contacting the staffs for 2 full days via their 'LIVE HELP', their website, their email, even personally to each of their directors! We even go to the extend of contacting them FROM THEIR FACEBOOK account.

BUT there was no response, NOPE NOTHING~

We just wanted assurance that our trip is book and the timing that we should wait at our hotel lobby. BUT THERE was NONE and we were so stuck because we didn't know whether we should booked for another trip! WE EVEN TRY CALLING, but it was in ESPANOL. So don't bother if you cannot speak in SPANISH!

But then with no choice, we pray hard and we just left to go and try our hardest not to focus and relax because if they didn't response we still have ONE day to try to book our tour in Cancun.

And we book for their 2 way transfer for USD34.00 per pax. has the best service!! Their LIVE HELP are for real and we when we reach, people around knows where is bestday counter and their staffs are really courteous and friendly and their ENGLISH is good! My hubby has used their LIVE HELP service with no problems and their reponse is fast and timely! even has counter in our hotel but they are there only for certain 'timing' of the day eg. 2pm-4pm, or 4pm-6pm.

After we reached we have gotten our hotel reception to help us call and finally they got it and we are confirm for the trip the next day. And later in the evening about 7pm, we then received a call from them to confirm our trip timing for the next 2 days!

Is it worth to save USD40plus per pax for all the 'troubles' and 'nerves', that is up to you!
But from what I see although bestday are charging you at a premium but their service are top notch and their drivers are punctual and always NEAT and they can converse in English with no problem!

But if I were to go again, I definitely go with bestday for their tours.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Some memories from Cancun ...

This are some of my favourite pictures from my trip. Too troublesome to load it one by one on blogger. Enjoy ~

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am back from Cancun!

Love love love the sea, the air, the breeze, the sound of the waves and the hotel's SEAVIEW deluxe room!

Chichen Itza (New Wonder of the World)

Will my hubby bring me back again for more exploration of the beautiful nature of Mexico?
Just reach home and settled down, more unpacking to go to make my home livable. When hubby starts working, I can start to update more ...

Seeya soon ...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Carribean Sea ...

I really do not mind waking up to this view EVERYDAY ...

Balcony view from the hotel

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Starts off with a Vacation in Mexico, Cancun!

We be leaving Denver, 13 hours drive to Dallas!
Bye Denver, I won't be missing your COLD COLD snow!

Yes, we are confirm for Cancun, Mexico!
Flight and hotel cost us US$1,397.04, woah ~
The water there better be REALLY BLUE and CRYSTAL CLEAR!

And we be staying at NH Krystal Cancun Hotel! (excluding trf.)

I have no idea WHAT , WHERE and HOW is Cancun, so we be going there blindly. No expectation is the best plan! But there are some 'activities' we will be going as plan :

1) Chichen Itza Ruins Plus Tour
2) Xcaret Plus Ecowater Park (1&2 = USD179.00)
3) Swimming with Dolphins (USD149.00)
  And the rest of time will be spend exploring the stretch of the long beach, if not we might venture into Cozumel or Isla Mujeres. (Small island off coast of Cancum)
Cancun looks like a BIG ASS THEMEPARK to me!
Or a 'Atas' Phuket/Bali with alot more fun things (minus elephant ride!)
There are so much things to do and so expensive, we really do not know what we want to do!


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