Monday, August 31, 2009

Found a youtube video for Hooded eyes makeup!

I am randomly surfing and found this guy youtube, gossmakeupartist.
He gave very PRECISE and seems easy to follow make up tutorials.

And this hooded eyes method is sort of the method I am trying to perfect but I guess my contouring skills really sucks or my brush really SUX! Hahaha, can't wait for YQ to come back with all my new brush so that I can perfect the skill!

He has alot of other tips for contouring, asian smokey eyes, concealing ...

He has so much Videos, I am Still watching them ...
And he has a blog too at
So you know why I so busy right, kekeke ~

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New layout~

Nothing much to update, am still sick.
getting worst but am resting and not dead yet ...

A friend of my change her blogstyle, and i like some of the others so decide to make my blog MORE vibrant happy and colourful!!!

Oh I love my new junk layout!!

But there is something wrong with the Fonts, I cannot change to what I like and the font change doesn't appear throughout the website, dunno why.

Let just make do ~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

May Day Concert 2009

At a very last minute my gf has discount to Mayday Concert and I heard MayDay concert is worth the $$$$, and there are news that the concert will last till past Midnight, a 4hour concert!!!

Have been sick for a week, although I slept and slept for the past 2 weeks but still the under eye is soooooooo dark and swollen. When my hb saw my picture in MSN he was so shocked, why I so pale and sickly ...

The ELF concealer didn't help at all, haiz ~
So scare of the smudging I did a very neutral makeup hoping that it could last longer without the bad smudging ~ Coffee so that I can last till 12MN for the concert ...

The concert is really worth every dollars and cents!! The whole event ended about 12.15MN!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Submit MC for me MIA ~

Have been sick the PAST ONE WEEK and still sick; down with a bad sore throat ~
Weather is bad and alot of people is sick and down with flu.
Take care everyone ...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So dissapointed with the change in EDM

The new website is up and running.
The new website looks simple and nice and the colour are more 'true' to exact colour of the actual mineral BUT they have taken away with the Super Custom Kit - Full US$50.00.

In the PAST, with the SCK, it bring down the cost of 1 items to be about USD4.20. Now they have this new system whereby if you buy 12 items and onwards, you automatically received a 45% discount but ultimately it still WILL NOT be cheaper than the usual SCK kit of USD4.20 per item.

Example :
Base is now USD12.50 less 45% = USD6.90

It is a difference of USD2.70 and for 12 same items that will be a difference of USD32.40.

But of course I cannot calculate it in such a way because their blush is now USD8.00 and with the discount it comes up to USD4.40, which is almost same as the old price.

The difference in Quantity Purchase :
I used to have to buy 10 items to get the SCK and NOW I have to get 12 items to enjoy the discount!!

NEXT the FREE Trial ...
EDM used to give the BEST mixture options of FREE Trial packs but now the trial are FIXED, you cannot choose the ONE concealer with the ONE base or the ONE blush that you want to try. It is in a PACKAGE now. Either 4 Base or 3 Concealer or 3 Blush and not one of each like in the past!!

Why do people want to change their business style which used to be so friendly customer-based and is making MONEY for them into something so cookie cutter style.

WHERE is their edge if their business format has become so cookie cutter similar to the rest?

Have to start sourcing for some other cheaper alternatives kakaka ~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cute Junk Buy!

Haiyo Sg alot of cute but useless JUNK dohz!

First row is a strawberry and open to be a ecobag, sell 2 at SGD3.00/USD2.00. So cheap and I cannot resist! The second row is a piece of fake leather key chain wrap around the keys to prevent scratches, GOOD idea, and light weigh but I find it abit ex for this item SGD4.90/USD3.20! But I find this rather useful for me cause my bag is usually a BIG mess and I just throw everything in. And my camera and handphones are full of scratches and the suspect are of course the keys!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cheap Heels and Flats from Amiclub again!

Saw this Bronze gladiator Heels online and was infatuated with it. So I went down to Charles and Keith to take alook to see if I can find something SIMILAR! But the closest I can find will COST ME SGD53.90(USD35.90) and looking at how much ONLINE is selling I REALLY REALLY cannot make myself pay for it! So I came home and HAPPILY click myself away!

PROS : All these shoes are so much cheaper and I had Free Shipping.
CONS : Got to wait 1mth before my hb would bring it back to me and to get Free Shipping, I spend more than I should :P hahaha ~

Pink Polka Dot Chemise & G-string USD6.99
Bronze Snake Strappy Gladiator Open Toe Sandal USD14.99
Taupe Strappy Peep Toe Ankle Strap Cork USD5.99
Gold Silver Ankle Buckle Heels Snake Skin USD6.99
Gold Patent Crisscross Slingback flat Sandals USD5.99
Total : USD50.95

In order to SAVE, I spend MORE!

F*** UP Blogger!

It has been A MONTH!
And yet blogger has yet to fix this bloody irritating PROBLEM!
As always when I want to upload pictures and blog, the WHOLE irritating ICON bar is MISSING!
Really F*** UP!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Smokey XXX + Grape Parfait

My face look so much smarter and shaper in the evening! STUPID face, because you cannot take nice picture during the night!
Practising and trying out this look!
Ingredient used :
Base -
Coastalscents Grapevine Gel liner
ELF Conceal and highlight (for underlid)

Lid -
TKB Trading Smokey XXX
TKB Grape Parfait

Highlight -
Everdaymineral Lavender

Eyeliner -
Relvon Colour stay Crayon Eye liner

Please ignore my face, I am not going out so didn't put on any base of blush, which explain the 'shine' on my nose. Heee ~
Just focus on the eye ...


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coastalscents Brushes are HERE!

There is a 15% discount for Coastalscents brushes last weekend, I cannot control myself and got myself 'a few' brushes and I really hate myself NOW! It is such a Impulsive compulsive behaviour. I don't even know why I need THAT MUCH brushes. Although it is cheap but I don't need SO MANY brush, BAD HABIT!!!

$2.37 Synthetic Deluxe Crease Brush
$2.51 Synthetic Shadow Brush
$1.69 Flat Liner Contour Brush
$2.97 Italian Badger Chisel Fluff Brush
$3.31 Italian Badger Doe Foot Stippler
$1.57 Black Taklon Angle Liner
$2.54 Black Blending Brush
$8.46 Large Paddle Face Brush (comparable to M.A.C.134)
$10.16 Italian Badger Buffer Brush Large

Shipping (USPS First Class Mail): $3.26
Total: $38.84

This is how I console myself,
For the 9 brushes I ordered, averaging it out, it costs about USD4.30/SGD6.50 PER brush!! And for a PADDLE face brush, THAT IS CHEAP!

My NEXT impulsive compulsive buy should be the Sephora Concealer Palette VERY soon for SGD25.00, saw it a few days ago and CANNOT stop thinking about it. It's like if I don't have it I am going to Dieeee ~
Not cheap, I should spent some more time to read reviews about it!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some great finds from BKK

And I finally find my Anna Sui lookalike mirror!
Ecstatic, at about SGD12.00/USD8.99! I wanted to get more of such lookalike accessories but my budget is tigher this year than usual!

It can be placed on the table or hand on my window grille! Nice!

Another great find from NARAYA, this is the FIRST time i see this Brush pouch from Naraya. Couldn't exactly remember how much for this, but it couldn't be more than SGD7.00! I had checked out the price for the brush roll, it's 100baht/SGD4.34/USD2.90. I am soooooo soooooo happy and I bought 2 of this! The downside, there are no other colours to choose from. Although this is smaller size comparing to the other brush roll pouches I had, but the size is just nice to choose and pack that few brushes that I wanted to bring along when travelling.

Pros : Cheap, material is think thus light! And washable!!
I should have GOTTEN MORE!! Stupid ME!
I really should have gotten more of it, but same colour hmmmmm ...
Maybe next time! SO cosmetic gals out there, if you are going to Bangkok, don't forget to check out these items!


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