Friday, July 31, 2009

Makeup, shopping, food and friends ...

Today I almost wanted to do a Black/Grey look but in the end, I still chicken out and went out with the usual Brown Smokey. But today my hand is not as heavy handed and my brother commented that the makeup SUXS! WTF!! He say the staffs in The Face Shop does a BETTER job than me! WTF, how can compare me with the PROS! Not forgetting all the BIG European brands; Miumiu, LV, Prada, Armani, Burberrys etc etc ...Today itinerary, ION Orchard! OMG, it is so huge, I almost got lost in it. And of course I have to VISIT, Asia Largest Sephora?? Alot of the popular USA branded items are there; Burts & Bee, Too Faced Insurance, Bare Essentuals, POP beauty etc ...So me the HDB tai-tai, got to leave the place empty handed. :(
Whatever happen, my friends won't let me go STOMACH-empty!! 3 girls but we ordered like there are 6 of us!! ION's food places are JAM PACKED with people, so we went over to Wheellock to have Sakae Sushi!KL's grand-dad pass away 2 days ago, we met up with Ser n Sis for the funeral at Lavendar and of course, no matter how tired, DIE DIE we need to have a conclusion 'la kopi' session to catch up for the WEEK's gossip!! EVEN NO GOSSIP, we sit and stare at each other for the next 2hrs also happy!!

A contest by Makeup Geek : Creation without Eyeshadow!

Didn't join this contest because the submission was TOO PRO LE!! Hahaha, nevertheless I still post it here bah!

Another Contest :
From her webby :
This week’s challenge is a tough one, but the prize is worth it! So, here’s what you need to do….

■Come up with a look using JUST eyeliner for the eyes- no eyeshadow allowed. Youcan use whatever brushes or form of eyeliner you like, but NO eyeshadows! This is to broaden your skills as an artist.
■Post your version of the look in the forum here: WEEKLY CHALLENGE or post a video response on youtube with your entry
■Anyone of any age and from any country can enter, BUT the work must be your own.
■You can enter as many times as you like, but again- the work must be your own.
■Looks will be judged on creativity, skill, and application technique- it doesn’t have to be an extreme look, but just should show that you put effort into the final look.
■The winner will receive a full brush roll complete with Sigma brushes
■The contest ends on Sunday, August 2nd at midnight EST. The winner will be announced in the forum next Monday

Have fun everyone!!!

I was a little dissapointed initially when I was viewing her youtube, it mentioned ONLY eye pencil, and all my eye pencil are in US! But then in her blog it noted that Gel Liner can be used, and I brought back MOST of my gel liner! So maybe I can try a normal usual look. Not as polished or creative BUT then, it is my hardwork mah. At least try hor kekeke ~
Had a hard time controlling the brush with the gel liner.
OMG so girly!!! Unlike me hahahahaha ~
Dare not dream of winning but effort is 100 marks laarrrr ...

What I do -
Highlight Underbrow :
ELF Conceal and Hightlight
Coastalscents White

Lid :
Coastalscents Peach Bellini

Underlid :
Coastalscents Grapevine

Lash line :
Coastalscent True Black

Water line :
Coastalscents White

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moisturiser and Emulsion - Watson and The Face Shop

Haiyo, my stupid habit come back again!
Keep buying face moisturiser to use back here in SG. At currently, the 2 NEW moisturiser I am using; Watson's Birdnest Essence Moisturiser and The Face Shop Eco Vert Daily Moisturiser.

I bought this in Bangkok, cannot remember how much but it should be about SGD10.00. I tried the Watson's Bird Nest Essence Mask, and LIKED it ALOT! OMG, the mask is very hydrating. It is LIFE SAVING for me when I am in Bangkok because the ROOM is very DRY and my face wake up with VERY DEEP wrinkle EVERYDAY till I used the MASK. That is why I decide to buy the moisturiser for daily use ...

The moisturiser are more like Emulsion then the usual creamy lotion. So it is MY kinda of moisturiser and furthermore this is in the PUMP type, more hygienic, I LIKE! Itchy backside and went and gotten myself another brand of daily moisturiser to use to complement the other bottle. I usually like a variety of moisturiser to use. Hahaha, CROSS using will 'confuse' my skin so that it won't be immune to any particular brand, hahahaha ~

I went in and just ask whether THE FACE SHOP has any moisturiser in PUMP bottles, and there is ONLY one type of moisturiser in the PUMP bottle! Bleah ~ Ya, I am that anal, but usually moisturiser in PUMP bottles last longer with me.

I was told that this emulsion is Organic and best for people with sensitive skin or eczema and cost me SGD47.90 after a 20% discount. Alot of Bombastic words here, and damn alot of different extract!! Hopefully I am not allergic to any of these extracts, keke ...Will update on my bad habit of hogging moisturiser in my Sg home soon ...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby, babies AND more babies in July!!!

Purple comes easy to me, it seems like purple is a rather easy colour to match without 'crashing' with what i am wearing... Today is Baby 1st Month Baby shower for Xtine and TY 2nd Girl Alyssa. But we don't care, it is more like our own mini gathering hur hur hur ...
And there are alot of Monster crawling and toddling about. I Love my brother Nikon N60, I took some amazing photos with my amatuer skills. Babies are such good 'model' for photo taking. They really give some incredible 'REAL' expression! But by the 2nd hour, all my eye makeup are stuck to the CAMERA! Hahahaha ~~~
The 2 new main character of the day, left is Alyssa one month old. And on the right is Bing Bing, we be visiting at the later part of the day ...
A group photo at TJ home, she is still doing her One Month Recovery ...
The group of us left to the airport to fetch another friend home ...

A long and tiring day for me!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Reply to Miracle and mushroomgarden

Comments are everywhere, don't know to reply.
Sorry for the delay, here you go :)

ee : Hmmmm, now Jestar having a promotion for Oct, 1 for 1. But don't know the promo end already or not. But I missed Bkk already hahaha ...
miRaCLe, July 23, 2009 3:29 PM
still catching up with your blog :D
nice trip! i miss shopping at Bangkok!! :))
have FUN!

ee : The tee there are so cheap, I really regretted didnt get much more.
miRaCLe, July 23, 2009 3:33 PM
aww... i need cheap cheap retail therapy too! hahas :D
love the cute tee you got!


ee : there is plan for Jusco again in August kekeke ..
miRaCLe, July 23, 2009 3:55 PM
woots nice gathering and meet up!
i love goin JB xD

ee : Yah each time, half way through I got to wipe out the lower part of the eye makeup and touch up with powder. So sad ...
miRaCLe, July 23, 2009 4:09 PM
yeahh.. agree about no heavy make up for hot event! :/
tried once and end up like a walking panda too :((

i think mine is worst than yours :p

ee : Yap, I stayed around Admiralty area too ...
Me same same, first thing I would always tell them I dun want too thin ...
hahhaha ~
miRaCLe, July 23, 2009 4:20 PM
aww.. i also go to coslab for eyebrow trimming :D
but before i did mine.. i always tell the beautician that "I don't want too THIN one hor!!" :p

miRaCLe, July 23, 2009 4:22 PM
do you happen to live around admiralty too?? hahas. saw the coslab like very similar to the one i always go to :D hehes

ee : I trying to resist buying because cant use in Singapore. The colour sure melt into one big mess.
miRaCLe, July 23, 2009 4:24 PM
hahas. hope you get to buy all of them! ^^

ee : ya i told her but she not convince, anyway after that she also lazy to try it out on herself hahaha. waste my time ...
miRaCLe, July 23, 2009 4:28 PM
so nice!!! her eyes really look great with the make up! ^^
you should help me do mine too! xD

ee : And which cousin would that be, GUO XIAN??
I really don't want to make the world smaller but I don't know if u know that ur husband is my husband ex-colleague ...
mushroomgarden, July 27, 2009 9:08 AM
hey there, chance upon this blog via nuggnang. guess what. u are my cousin's pre-u friend. small world.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

2009 Bangkok Day 4

Heeee finally is Pratunam Market and Platinum Mall!!
So today I very HAPPY, wahahahaha ~

We start with the Old non-aircon Pratunam Market first as always ...
And HY attack Lesportsac lookalike first. The quality of the lookalike does not lose out to the Original!! Sometimes their design looks better too hahahaha, and at that PRICE. WHY NOT!? (250 Baht/USD7)

Wooooo Little Miss Sunshine (60Baht/USD1.80 for Wholesale). Boss say if we show him the picture next year, we get DISCOUNT!!!
YEAH! We spent about 4hrs here before we left for lunch opposite the street at Pantip Plaza (IT area).

A&W of course!! Singaporeans go crazy for A&W, erm I don't know why! But I love their Waffles!! Cheap and Crispy ~

Not much photos at Platinum Mall, but we had a small break at a cafe, and continue afterwards till 7pm before we proceed to Siam area for Dinner at a local restaurant!
All VERY LOCAL dishes!!
My buys today. Not much too as compared to previous years that I have been to Bangkok!
Hmmmm, really regretted! I should have gotten more tops!

Hopefully I can go again, NEXT year! Hmmmm, it would be better my hubby can bring me for a second round shopping before I go back to USA!

Got to rest early tonight, EARLY flight tomorrow.
Got to leave hotel 6.30am!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Bangkok Day 3

Today is Chatuchak.
Of course we need to have a HEAVY breakfast here, it is usually hard to find FOOD in Chatuchak especially with my lousy stomach! So the breakfast usually will last us till DINNER.Chatuchak always have something special that you cannot get in Pratunam. So it is a stop that my friends have to make because usually you do not have to buy wholesale here, BUT it will be cheaper if u get wholesale of course!!
Surprising not much people although we are here quite late, about 10+am! Usually at this timing, the whole stretch will be damn crowded, it be difficult even to walk to the entrance!!And the battle begin ...Stopping at a 'designer' cafe for Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea)
Look scary right!
But only what is behind me is mine, the rest are my buddies!! Not much, because I don't really like to shop in Chatuchak, there are alot of theft to beware of and it is very warm and humid inside ctc. I don't like!!
But the the dinner CURE all aches, and headache. A very recommended restaurant in Bangkok near our Hotel, Lek's Restaurant.
The seafood is cheap and YUMMY! I don't mind eating here EVERYDAY!
My most highly recommended is the Pork Vermicilli and the Fresh Steam Garouper (360baht/USD10)!
YESH it is so cheap, I don't mind coming everyday just to have the fresh steam fish!!
Long day, ANOTHER battle tomorrow at Pratunam Market and Platinum Mall!

Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 Bangkok Day 2

Still fresh at hotel having breakfast, but the face is still abit bloated ...
Not enough sleep as always ...Today Itinerary is Chinatown for the tourist tidbits, hair accessories, and stationary!
And at Chinatown, we cannot miss Nam Seng Shark Fin!!
Dinner at Patpong Bugs and Bees, for Thai Fusion food ...
Time pass so fast when you are on holiday ...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2009 Bangkok Day 1

Bangkok is really a heaven for SHOPPING, EATING and MASSAGE!

Lunch ...Dinner

Only the first day, SO I am still very well controlled. Each year, a group of us girlfriends would just FLY ourselves to Bangkok to get Wacoal Bra. It is so much cheaper in Bangkok. One Wacoal bra is average USD16 - USD20. And with my ODD size breast there is not much 'choice' I can find. And usually I just stock up the same old bra, hahaha @ about USD15.00! CHEAP CHEAP~~

Oh and their contact lens are also very cheap, usually I top up alot of boxes but these year I cut back alot because I am considering Lasik. One Box of 30pc Focus Daily for about SGD19.00 (USD12.50), CHEAP!

Oh how can we forget NARAYA, these are Japanese and HK favorite and selling DAMN cheap there. I usually get their small pouches for my cosmetics. These larger bags are for a friend and mom. :)

Watson Bird Nest Mask 89Baht for 2pc. WTH, I need the 'moisture' for the NEXT few days of battle!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 Bangkok for 4D3N ~

ooohhhhh 101 POST, SO FAST!
Going to Bangkok soon!!
BTW Travelling is ONE OF MY hobby TOO!!

Will be back with TONS and TONS of photos of FOOD, Cosmetics, and MASSAGE PARLOUR!!!

Seems like I have alot of hobbies ~

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Busy weekend ~

Love today makeup. Heee, but was abit late. I still need about 1hour to do all the makeup preparation. Need more time is Sg because I cannot panic, I will get sweaty so I have to do it SLOWLY. A very nice and yummy 3D Winnie the Pooh Jelly cake for baby ...
A nice gathering with my Pre-U friends.
Sunday was drove into Johor Bahru to meet a ex-colleague at Jusco Tebrau City.
Pass her a Coach Sling and Coach wallet for her and her hubby~
Her baby girl also about a month old, making faces at me.
Hahaha ~

2 very busy and tiring weekend.
Luckily I have the week to rest!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Darker than expected ~

Using the same Lumiere Dirty Blonde but using EDM Smokey in the OuterV and the whole look changes. It becomes a smokey grey rather than a 'brown'. Maybe I am too heavy handed today. Still prefer the previous Lumiere Dirty Blonde with Lumiere Charcoal.
Coastalscent White Gel Liner

Lumiere Dirty Blonde (Upperlid/Outer V)
Lumiere Vanilla bean (Inner lid)
EDM Smokey (Outer V)

Signature Mineral Soft Sun

Eye Liner:
Coastalscent Black Gel Liner
Didn't expect it to turn out that 'Dark' and 'Smokey' ...
I am really TOO TOO TOO TOO stubborn! Lighten, lighten LIGHTEN! Don't challenge the 'weather' in Singapore!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Raspberry Smoke!

Please ignore my face, just practising using a fluff blending brush on the OuterV on my eye!

I am so bored at home, and thought that I should continue to practise my skill. And this time round I tried the method Makeupgeek usually use to create the outerV with Coastalscent Chisel Fluff/Pointed Crease Duet. The OuterV really looks so much softer using that method.
Base :
Coastalscents Gel Liner white

Lid :
Everyday Mineral Lavender Concealer
TKB Trading Raspberry Pop
Everyday Mineral Smokey

Highlight :
Everyday Mineral Lavender Concealer

Liner :
Coastalscents Gel Liner Black
I always wonder how a reddish smokey look will present on me, so here it goes ...
One point missing, at 4.1) Line 2/3vlower lid with EDM Smokey.Yay, I finally learnt the 2method of creating the OuterV, and this second method really soften and fully blend the OuterV flawlessly! Heeee, need more practise ...

Surprising this look good with Spectacle! I always thought, people look silly in makeup when they are wearing glasses. But then, this sure look like the 'Teacher' has some other 'Naughty Part time' Job at night ...


HY new image?? Let's Vote!

I know HY wont be looking like what the picture has generated, that is FOR FUN, and for 'Reference'!!!

Don't be so serious, it is 'Just for Fun'.

Our friend HY has had her hairstyle for ALOT of years that I can remember! And we find it looking too mature for her and would like her to have a change!! C'mon, let's help her make some decision to CHANGE HER image. kekekeke!!
Found this link on that help people do a OVERALL makeover and I try to create some looks for HY! This is for reference only!!
Personally I like the Third Picture from 1st Row!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Neutral smokey Dirty Blonde

I am going for Singapore National Day Parade Rehearsal, and was going to wear a RED Polo Tee. So I have chosen to do a more neutral colour, so I don't look so 'Wayang' ...

No tutorial today, need the battery power!
Coastalscent White Gel Liner

Lumiere Dirty Blonde (Upperlid/Outer V)
Lumiere Vanilla bean (Inner lid>
Lumiere Charcoal (Outer V)

Signature Mineral Soft Sun

Eye Liner
Coastalscent Black Gel Liner

As usual I don't really like the effect on me as in REALITY, but when I take picture with it, it actually look quite alright and neutral. Make me look so boney because of the 'browns' contouring my eye and face ...
Guess what, the makeup starts to melt even BEFORE I reach the stadium. And I already look like a WALKING PANDA in RED. WTF!! Lucky the organiser issued some wet tissue, and I try to swipe the smurkey lower lid smudge away, and dap some powder to cover up!If not I really has got to wear that sunglass for the WHOLE event which lasted till about 9pm!!
Stubborn ME, NO MORE MAKEUP for such 'HOT and sticky' event!!


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